How To Keep Spiders Away From Your Bed? 7 Best Ways!

Although house spiders are not harmful, many people are still afraid of them, so you may be wondering how to keep spiders away from your bed.

Having spiders alongside your bed can be an indication that your house is highly infested by spiders.

For your information, spiders are avoiding humans as much as possible.

So if you find them near your bed, then you might occupy other areas in your house too.

You will need to clean the entire house thoroughly to get rid of them in such a case.

But other than that, some other ways are also helpful in keeping them away.

Let us take a look at the list below.


7 Methods To Keep Spiders Away From Your Bed

So, how to keep spiders away from your bed?

I don’t want to keep you waiting; below are the things you can do to keep spiders away.


#1. Using electronic pest repellent

One of the most popular solutions to use an electronic device that can repel pests.

Plug it into a socket, and you will keep all insects at bay.

This will also be useful against other pests such as those pesky rodents and roaches as well as tiny insects.

The device utilizes ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves that can keep those pests away.

What’s even good is that it can cover the entire house.

Above all else, it is completely safe to use the device around kids and pets.


#2. Avoid throwing stuff underneath your bed

A lot of people tend to toss stuff underneath their beds.

Doing so can attract spiders into the house.

Take note that spiders are usually found in dirty environments.

Try to remember the last time you have cleaned the space below your bed.

Maybe, now is the time for you to get rid of those wrappers and shoeboxes stacked underneath.

It is also important that you clean it regularly.


#3. Do not eat in your bed

Many people like to eat in bed, and there is a high tendency that you will drop some bits onto the floor.

Some crumbs would be left onto your sheets and this will attract the spiders onto your bed.

So it is recommended in as much as possible to avoid eating inside your room. Or, if possible, never eat on your bed.

But if you cannot avoid it, just ensure to do it in a tidy fashion. Use a tray at all times and bend forwards as you eat.

After eating, make sure to clean up.


#4. Using peppermint oil

If you are looking for an affordable method, you can use peppermint oil to keep spiders away.

A lot of people consider peppermint oil as an insecticide. It also works for other insects.

This is a better option than using chemical pesticides.

That is because peppermint oil is natural, reliable, and much safer.

But peppermint oil needs to be diluted in water first before you can use it.

Mix it well with water before pouring it inside a spray bottle.

Then, it will ready to be sprayed on areas where spiders can be found.


#5. Using a bed riser

If there is only a small gap between the floor and the bed, the spider can crawl up in bed faster.

It is also a good idea not to connect the bed’s headboard directly into the wall, so try pulling it a bit away from the wall to leave a gap.

All the more, if the bed has no bedposts, use bed risers to lift it above the floor.

The bed riser will leave a space between the bed and the floor, thereby preventing the spiders from crawling up into your bed.


#6. Using vinegar

Another natural solution in killing spiders is to use vinegar.

It contains acetic acid that is a potent substance against spiders.

Just like with peppermint oil, you also need to dilute it with water before application.

Keep in mind that vinegar does not have a good smell.

As such, it would be best to apply it late at night. And, of course, you will need to bear with the smell.

But the good thing about this solution is that it is completely safe to use vinegar around pets and children.


#7. Washing the sheets

The most important thing of all is to wash your bed sheets regularly.

You wouldn’t want the spiders to lay eggs in better the crevice of your mattress or on its footboard so you better wash your sheets frequently.

Also, make sure to turn your mattress over every once to ensure that the spiders are not hiding there.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, we have answered your question regarding how to keep spiders away from your bed.

The solutions tackled above are just a few among many other things that you must know to keep spiders out of bed.

If all else fails, the last resort is to call an exterminator to eliminate the spider infestation in your house through fumigation or any other methods.

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