When Should I Lower The Crib Mattress? 3 Heights Options!

Is your adorable infant growing so fast, but you’re still unsure and have this question in your head, when should I lower the crib mattress?

As your baby grows, to ensure her protection and your comfort as well, you may need to check your child’s development regularly.

when should I lower the crib mattress

And change the height of the crib mattress at stages according to your child’s growth.

Babies undergo different stages of maturity and growth.

And as a parent, you must keep up with that rapid change.

Being a parent is not just all about diapers and feeding bottles.

The consideration you must keep in mind is your child’s sleeping posture and the suitable crib mattress height.

Know that the right time for you to change your crib mattress’s height depends both on you and your baby’s welfare.

Just keep on scrolling to know the essential vital points you must observe regarding the crib mattress level according to your baby’s age.


What Is A Crib Mattress, And Why Is It Important?

Before we get to this article’s main topic, first, you must know why a crib mattress is essential while raising a baby.

When you and your partner expect a baby, the preparation always includes all kinds of nursery items such as diapers, bottles, and cute clothes.

But often, we forget to think of one essential item, and that is a crib mattress.

Indeed, it is not as exciting as you feel whenever you shop for a cute dress or even pillows, but a crib mattress will surely help you make your baby sleep.

There are many types of crib mattresses available in the market today.

But know that your child’s safety and comfort must come first when considering buying one.

Indeed, it is crucial because infants undergo growth and development during this stage.

Most of its development will happen at his crib.

A parent may want his baby’s backbone to adopt the straight alignment of its firm mattress.

Choosing the best crib mattress might be overwhelming for a first-time parent like you.

It is encouraged to seek guidance with your pediatrician about the suitable crib mattress best for your adorable baby.


When Can You Lower The Crib Mattress?

So, when should I lower the crib mattress?

It is essential to be mindful of when is the right time. Why so?

It’s for you to adjust or lower the crib mattress before your babies do something dangerous and scary for the both of you.

Indeed, the crib’s height leveling time will differ depending on the type of crib you are using.

It depends on how much height level the crib has, also the firmness and quality of the mattress being used.

Most of the babies undergo stages of growth at the same number of months.

But the vital thing to note is that if the baby is at the newborn stage, the level must be highest.

And it is unnecessary to adjust the crib’s height to the lowest setting available instantly, but change it as soon as your baby can sit on its own.

Because the moment your baby can sit without your help, they would probably have enough force to try pulling their selves up at a standing position.

This situation is unsafe for your baby’s well-being.


3 Crib Mattress Height Levels For Your Baby

Here are the three crib mattress heights that will serve as a guide for you.

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Height #1. Highest position of crib mattress

The highest level of crib mattress height is most suitable for newborn babies ages under five months.

This level is guaranteed secure for your baby as long as he can’t sit on his own.

Newborn babies can’t sit, crawl, roll over and climb. They don’t have enough strength to carry themselves.

It is still okay to put the crib in the highest position setting.

This position will make it easier for you to pick up or put down your baby without hurting your neck and back.


Height #2. Middle position of crib mattress

The middle position of the crib mattress is best for babies aging between five to eight months.

At this range of baby’s growth, they start to move without your support.

They can roll, sit and shift positions independently, so this setting is suitable to lessen the risk of them falling or having an injury.


Height #3. Lowest position of crib mattress

This setting is best for babies aging nine months above.

It will ensure that the baby can freely move and crawl without risking its safety.

But everything will depend on how fast your baby can grow.


Final Words

I hope your questions on when should I lower the crib mattress have been answered.

Adding to this, you want to ensure your baby’s comfort by providing them a soft mattress. Click this article to find out how.

Regardless, I’ll assume that you understand some important facts about the height levels suited for your baby upon reaching this point.

Know that your dedication to reading the article up to this point is greatly appreciated.