What To Do With Mattress When Moving? 4 Best Things To Do!

What to do with mattress when moving? You may ask.

When moving to a new house, you will have to encounter several difficulties. You will have to decide on the things that you’ll have to ship and leave behind.

What to do with mattress when moving

A lot of other factors will have to be considered too. One worrying consideration is your mattress.

Since it is enormous and heavy, you will be tempted to get rid of it. However, these things are hard to throw away.

Plus, it is pretty expensive to get a new one.

Stop worrying about it because we will provide you with several things to do with your mattress when moving in this post.


4 Possible Things To Do With Mattress When Moving

Choose whichever among the alternatives provided below is more convenient on your part.

So, what to do with mattress when moving?


Option #1. Selling the mattress

Instead of shipping the mattress to your new home, you can try selling it.

You might be able to sell it at a reasonable price. But this will depend on its condition.

Some people that in the same situation as you might be looking for a second-hand mattress too.

So why not sell it to them?

Both parties will benefit from the convenience of this deal.

You can dispose of both the bed frame and the mattress this way too.

Another good option is to sell your mattress online.

One effective way is to host a moving sale.


Option #2. Recycling the mattress

If you think that your mattress is not worth selling anymore since it’s old already, then the best option is to recycle it.

However, given the size of mattresses, recycling wouldn’t be an easy task.

The very first thing to consider is the merchant where you acquired your mattress.

Most often than not, they would come and pick up the mattress for a nominal fee.

If that option is not possible for you, try reaching out to recycling avenues.

A lot of groups pick up and disposes of mattresses without asking for a fee.


Option #3. Donating the mattress

A lot of organizations would be delighted to accept donated mattresses.

They would even offer to come and pick it up.

We have listed here a few organizations that might be willing to accept your mattress:


  • Salvation army

This organization accepts mattresses that are still in good condition.

To donate, you can schedule the date of pick up in advance.


  • Temples/synagogues/local churches

Try asking around if there are congregants or places of worship that need a mattress in your locality.

Or you can give it to someone from your community.


  • Local shelters

You might as well call some domestic and homeless abuse centers in your locality to find out if they need a mattress.

Remember that your mattress has to be in good condition with no rips or stains.

If not, do not consider this option because they might turn down your donation.


Option #3. Throwing the mattress properly

In case you cannot recycle or donate your mattress, the last option is to throw it away.

Although this option is not environmentally friendly, you do not choose because it is the final option left.

Before leaving the mattress in the trash, make sure to call the sanitation and local streets number to know the protocol regarding this.

Some places would require you to arrange a special pick-up.

Remember that properly disposing of the mattress is essential.

If you are living in New York, you might find this article helpful.


Buying A New Mattress

After disposing of your mattress, the new dilemma you have to face is how you will replace it.

In case you are moving outside the state, getting a new mattress can be very problematic.

It would be tough for you to know whether you will like the mattress if you cannot test it.

More than that, it would not be comfortable for you if you will have to spend a few nights sleeping on the floor.

And the same is true on your couch as you are waiting to deliver the new mattress.

Fortunately, there are a few possible options for you.

For one thing, you can go to any mattress store that is famous or well know.

What I meant are those that have a lot of outlets across the entire state.

With this option, you can quickly identify the mattress that you liked.

You might as well try the mattress from your current place and order one at your new home.

Then, call them to schedule a delivery at a similar time as your move.


It’s A Wrap!

If you are moving, it is expected that you will have to get rid of some items.

Maybe because it is hard to transport them or it’s just that you don’t want to bring them anymore.

One of the things that are being judged whether to leave or to bring is your mattress.

So, what to do with mattress when moving?

Most often than not, you would want to dispose of them and buy a new one.

But at some point, this wouldn’t be the best choice for you.

It is especially true if your mattress is new or if you love resting on it.

In any case, do what you think is more convenient for you.

Nevertheless, these are the things you need to do with your mattress when moving out.

Stay safe!