What Size Mattress Fits In A King Size Waterbed Frame?

Are you planning to replace your old mattress, and you want to know what size mattress fits in a king size waterbed frame?

A wide variety of mattresses available in the market, and the size that would fit your king-size waterbed frame would be unique or customized.

Water bed has once made its way into the global market. It was first discovered during the 1800s by a Scottish physician.

Then, later on, it was modified to become a modernized mattress.

It is sad to know that the company had already left the limelight of being the top mattress in the market today.

Still, many customers have functional waterbed frames with worn-out mattresses.

To keep and reuse the waterbed frame, you may opt for an option that your wallet will indeed thank you.

There are many replacement mattresses to choose from, and you have to pick the perfect size that suits your waterbed frame.

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What is a waterbed?

Before the highlight, we must tackle first what a waterbed is.

A waterbed is made of vinyl material which has to be filled with water to ensure comfort and a bouncy feeling when you’re lying down on it.

During the 1980s, which peaked their demand, the users must fill the whole waterbed using a water hose.

Today, you can fill water through bladders, which is a tube, making the process a lot more convenient than the old one.

Manufacturers even modernized the bed to cope up with the rapid development of different mattresses.

Now you installed it with temperature control devices to create water filling with warmer temperatures.

It was modified to provide a therapeutic effect to its users, relieving pain in your back and muscles.

Indeed, it is the best option during the cold weather season.

Waterbeds are still available at different stores globally, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Waterbed outlets.

This mattress price varies depending on their brand and sizes, but it ranges from $50 up to $1900.


What is the size of a king size waterbed?

The standard size of a king-size waterbed is 70 x 82 in inches.

Yet, this measurement will still vary at different brands as sizes depend on the manufacturer’s specifications.


What Size Of Mattress Fits In A King Size Waterbed Frame?

What size mattress fits in a king size waterbed frame?

There are many varieties of mattresses as a replacement for the old king-size waterbed.

Know that the regular king-sized or queen-sized mattress would be either too small or too big for a king-sized waterbed frame.

A Standard queen-sized mattress has a dimension of 60 x 80 in inches, making it smaller for your waterbed.

This mattress will surely leave a four-inch gap at the bed’s corner.

On the other hand, a king-sized mattress has a 76 x 84 inches, which is too big and extra-long.

The best option for you is to have a customized-sized mattress that will give your waterbed frame a better fit than those two mention mattress sizes.

This particular or customize size includes a California king mattress.

You must note that the mattress thickness will still play an important in choosing the best replacement mattress.

Some mattress sizes would be lower than your waterbed’s side rails, while some could be taller.

Before buying, you must consider all the factors needed to achieve the best-fit waterbed mattress.


How To Change Into A Regular Bed From A Waterbed?

If you are thinking of converting your old waterbed into a conventional bed, here are some tips you might find helpful.

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Step #1. Measure your waterbed

The first thing to do is to get your waterbed’s dimension.

Take the length, width, and height of your bed.

Also, measure how deep the side railings will serve as your basis in choosing the replacement mattress height.


Step #2. Find the right replacement mattress

As stated above, there are different mattress sizes available. You must find the best one that fits your waterbed frame.

Tip, a California king-sized, is a customized size that is usually not available at all stores. It is a made-to-order mattress.

Make sure to make an order ahead of time.

Or, you can make your mattress with these simple steps. Click here!


Step #3. Drain the water and replace the mattress

Remove the water from your waterbed mattress.

You can either choose to use the waterbed sheets or decide to buy a new conventional mattress sheet.

The decision will still depend on what mattress you are most comfortable sleeping with at night.


Final Words

I hope your questions on what size mattress fits in a king size waterbed frame have been thoroughly answered.

Always remember that having sound sleep is an essential component in every person’s overall well-being.

This article will help us be ready and active in facing our daily endeavors, so may you find this article helpful when choosing the right mattress suited to your needs.

Know that your dedication to reading the article up to this point is greatly appreciated.