When Can Baby Sit In Bumbo Chair: 4 Helpful Benefits

In this article about bumbo chairs, we can answer your questions! Here, you’ll know when can baby sit in bumbo chair, and why a baby should be sitting in this type of baby chair at a specific age.

Sitting is a huge milestone for a baby while growing up. When they do it without any assistance, it is a good sign for them to start crawling and walking!

when can baby sit in bumbo chair


When Can My Baby Sit In A Bumbo Chair? 

Bumbo seats are usually used to help babies sit up. We usually get a standard question, “When can my baby sit in a Bumbo chair?” At around 3-12 months old, a baby can sit in a bumbo chair.

This type of baby chair is one of the most popular items used to help babies sit up straight. For them to learn how to do it the right way, purchasing a bumbo chair is the right way to go.

It may not be everyone’s option to teach a baby to sit, but it is an effective method to help them achieve this milestone.


What are the features and benefits of using a bumbo chair?

If you do not have any idea what the purpose of the bumbo chair is, this is to serve as a floor seat that is recommended for 3 to 12 month old babies. This chair is designed to help support young babies as they learn to sit upright.

The contribution of this chair gives enough body strength to the baby to hold their head up and begin to push their bodies with their tiny arms lying on their bellies. This chair will help your baby sit at a higher level than lying on their tummy. It can be crucial for their development, especially if your baby is learning how to sit up at a relatively slower pace.


  • It is the best way for a child to be propped into sitting without the assistance of a parent

When you place your child on an object that does not support their bodies, it can lead your baby to unwanted accidents like falling without protection. That is why using the bumbo chair helps a baby sit up straight and protects them from falling with the support that it has.

  • An excellent alternative than a high chair

The usual bumbo seat should not be used on an elevated surface because there are tendencies that many babies can wiggle off on high chairs and fall. Bumbo chairs do not only provide the optimal trunk position, but these chairs would do better than a supportive highchair.


  • It will get much use and will be a good value for money

As a parent, you should find a great item that provides a decent upper trunk, neck, and head control to sit comfortably — which is exactly what a bumbo seat does! Usually, upright sitting can be achieved around four months with the help of this chair. Most babies can begin to sit on their own between 5 and 7 months.

Even though this chair can only be used for a specific timeframe, it is still considered a good purchase because it can help your baby develop skills independently. Anything that helps your child overcome their physical limitations at a reasonable price point is worth considering.

  • Bumbo is handy for children with developmental delay

For a child with a mild developmental delay or disability, a bumbo chair can be a helpful tool that helps them sit up and interact with other people at eye level. A bumbo chair is not always successful in helping a child learn to sit, but movement is not the only goal of the first year of their life.


What are the notes to remember when you own a bumbo chair?


Never put a bumbo seat on an elevated surface

When you purchase this type of baby chair, you should remember that you should never use the bumbo baby seat on any elevated surface. The seat is not designed to be prohibitive.

The use of the seat on any elevated surface may result in serious injuries. These common injuries can be skull fractures, and some are head concussions that can happen to a child when they fall from the chair.


It may not prevent the release of your baby in the event of vigorous movement

This article stated about the bumbo seat — it is marketed and used to help infants sit in an upright position as soon as they can support their heads. Infants three months old may fall or escape from the seat by just rocking back and forth, sideways, and leaning onward. That is why you should never leave your child unattended when using this item.



We hope that this purposeful read can help you in determining when can baby sit in bumbo chair and why you should purchase this type of baby chair. It is worth every penny if it’s for your baby.

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