How To Clean Faux Suede Sofa: Complete Guide

You can quickly learn how to clean faux suede sofa in just two steps. First, this tutorial will discuss the general maintenance practice for faux suede, which is vacuuming it weekly. The second step will delve into different methods according to various cleaning codes.

Remember that cleaning a suede sofa is different from cleaning a faux suede sofa. The former is a type of leather, while the faux suede is made from polyester microfiber. Please continue reading below to understand what we mean. 


How To Clean Faux Suede Sofa

How Do You Clean A Faux Suede Couch?


Step 1. Vacuum the faux suede sofa weekly

Faux suede furniture does not need deep cleaning as often. Instead, vacuum the faux suede sofa weekly to prevent the build-up of dust, dander, and other particles. Vacuuming the couch will also ensure that you won’t create stains when introducing cleaners during stain removal and deep cleaning. 

Install the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and work the couch in sections. Don’t forget to target the cracks and crevices where dust accumulates fast. After vacuuming, check the label on the sofa, typically underneath the cushion covers, to know its cleaning code. 


Step 2. Follow the faux suede sofa’s cleaning code

A faux suede sofa can either have an upholstery cleaning code W, S, S-W, and X. It would be best to know the recommended practices and products for each code to ensure that you won’t ruin the material. For example, code S-W simply means that you can treat the faux suede couch both as code S and W, while code X faux suede sofas must only be vacuumed or dry cleaned.  

We will focus on faux suede sofas with code W and code S since they are the most common. However, use the proper dry cleaning solution for code X or bring it to a professional. Never attempt to use water-based or solvent-based cleaners to treat the stains on code X faux suede. 


For code W faux suede

  1. Vacuum the faux suede sofa 
  2. Mist the material with warm water without getting it saturated
  3. Blot the couch to clean it and repeat if necessary
  4. Wipe it dry with another cloth
  5. For spills, soak up as much liquid as possible
  6. Mix water and a few drops of dish soap and scoop the suds with a cloth
  7. Dab the stain from the outside going to the center
  8. Rinse the soapy residue with a damp cloth
  9. Dry the faux suede with another cloth before letting it air-dry
  10. Use a suede brush to restore the texture of the sofa after drying

For code S faux suede

  1. Vacuum the faux suede sofa thoroughly
  2. Buy a solvent-based cleaner and follow its directions accordingly
  3. An alternative cleaner for code S faux suede upholstery is rubbing alcohol
  4. Test a small portion of the faux suede with the alcohol and wipe to see for any color transfer
  5. Let the alcohol dry after several minutes to check for any fading
  6. If there are no reactions, spray rubbing alcohol onto a cloth for spot treating
  7. Remove the residue with another damp cloth 
  8. Allow the faux suede sofa to air dry


Do you know that rubbing alcohol can also remove tough stains on fabric upholstery? Read this article on how to remove permanent marker stains to learn more. 

Can You Steam Clean A Faux Suede Couch?

Unlike genuine suede, made of leather, faux suede is essentially a synthetic material made of polyester microfiber. Therefore, steam cleaning a faux suede couch is safe, just as it’s a safe practice for microfiber furniture. Here are the steps to efficiently steam clean faux suede upholstery:

  1. Vacuum the faux suede couch thoroughly 
  2. Set the steam cleaner to the medium setting and attach the appropriate accessories
  3. Please test a small part of the faux suede by passing the steam cleaner slowly over it
  4. If there are no reactions such as fading or deterioration of the faux suede, you can proceed with working one section at a time at a slow phase
  5. Make overlapping strokes with the steam cleaner over the front, sides, and back of the couch
  6. Concentrate on the stained and soiled areas but do not oversaturate the material
  7. Smoothen the faux suede couch with a towel and brush it to restore the texture

Can You Machine Wash Faux Suede?

It’s possible to machine wash faux suede, but ensure that you’ve checked its cleaning code for the recommended products and practices. Then, using the washing machine, set it to the delicate cycle and only use warm water and mild detergent. You also want to wash the faux suede item alone or only with similar materials to prevent it from collecting lint. 

Can you put faux suede in the dryer?

The faux suede item should have a label indicating if it’s safe to use in the dryer. If it does, it’s typically with the no-heat setting. Then, you can take it out while still damp and lay the faux suede flat over a towel to finish drying. 


Faux suede resembles suede leather, but it’s easier to maintain. In this article, you have learned how to clean faux suede sofa at home. We recommend vacuuming the couch weekly and then doing the spot treatment or deep cleaning following its code. For code W faux suede sofas, you can use soap and water.

On the other hand, it should be safe to treat stains with rubbing alcohol on code S upholstery. In any case, always test an inconspicuous spot of the sofa for any fading or deterioration.


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