How To Make High Chair Banner: 3 Easy Ways

We have written about how to make high chair banner for you to decorate on your child’s birthday! You can make banners in three ways: using a ribbon, a tulle, or fabric.

We know how helpful high chairs are, especially during feeding time, so we wrote about decorating them. All three methods are noted below, with additional information you would need for your project.

how to make high chair banner


Method #1. Ribbon high chair banner


Step #1. Prepare the materials

First, prepare the materials. You’d need scissors, a glue gun, paint, three to four different kinds of ribbons, a banner, and string. You can get these materials at any craft store, for example, Michael’s.


Step #2. Measure

Next, measure the high chair tray using your string, then cut it accordingly. Leave about one to two extra inches when you cut the line.


Step #3. Cut and tie

After measuring and cutting the string, you are going to snip the ribbons. You are encouraged to have multiple types of bows with different textures for an added flair. Cut the ribbons about 2ft. long, then start tying them around the string.

Leave the center of the line empty for the banner. You can alternate the ribbon designs on the cord. For example, you go with the plain ones first, then the textured ones, and lastly, the different colored ones.


Step #4. Paint the banner

After putting the ribbons in, proceed to make a banner. First, you can make the banner out of the canvas. Then, you can use a stencil to paint the number on the flag quickly.


Step #5. Glue the banner

After painting the banner, glue it to the center. Then, glue the whole string of ribbons and flag on the high chair, and you’re done!


Method #2. Tulle high chair banner


Step #1. Prepare materials

For this method, you will need ribbons, two rolls of different colors of tulle, scissors, decorative flowers, a glue gun, and a banner.


Step #2. Measure

Use the ribbon to measure the high chair tray. Leave extra ribbon on both ends. After measuring the ribbon, lay it down on a work table and tape the edges on the table to stabilize it.

After laying and taping the ribbon on the work table, lay the tulle rolls on the table. Lay the tulle on top of each other after reaching a certain length. Gauge the size that you want your banner to be using the high chair, then double that length.


Step #3. Fold and cut

After evenly cutting the rolls of tulle, fold it in half. Make sure that the tulles are as even as possible. After folding it, cut the tulles where you folded them.

After folding and cutting, get one tulle string, fold it in half and place it over your ribbon. Leave a loop open, fold that behind the ribbon, then insert the tulle’s tail through the loop.

After that, tug the tulle’s tail until it’s securely tied on the ribbon. Do this across the ribbon’s length and with the tulle’s you’ve cut.


Step #4. Add decoration

Get your decorative flowers and place them over your tulle. Then, place the flowers along the top of the tulle, and glue them from the middle.

After gluing the flowers, make your banner using glitter paper. Then, glue it in the middle of the tutu. Lastly, attach the flag on the high chair, and you’re done!


Method #3. Fabric high chair banner


Step #1. Prepare materials 

If you have extra pieces of fabric lying around, you can use them for this project! The other materials you will need are scissors, a string, a glue gun, and some velcro.


Step #2. Measure

Like with the two methods above, measure the high chair tray with the string. Leave extra inches at the ends.


Step #3. Cut

Prepare your pieces of fabric and cut them all triangularly. Next, pick a solid-color material and paint the age of your child. This will serve as the banner.

Afterward, glue the banner in the middle of the string. Do the same with the other pieces of fabric until the entire cord is filled with fabric banners.

Then, cut the velcro and attach it to the tray. Afterward, attach your banner using the velcro.


How much fabric/ribbon does a high-chair banner need?

You would need at least ½ yard of fabric, so make sure your scrap fabric meets this requirement. As for the ribbons and tulle, you would need two to three rolls of them.


What kind of fabric/ribbon is ideal for a high chair banner?

It depends on the theme, especially the colors of the tulle or ribbon. As for the fabric, one solid-colored one and two to three kinds of decorative ones would suffice.

As for the tulle and ribbon, pick different kinds. One can be solid-colored and matte-like, and the other can be glittery or with a different design.



There are undoubtedly more ways of how to make high chair banner. However, we hope that these three methods will help you decide how to decorate your baby’s high chair during their birthday. Have fun decorating!

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