What Would Cause Your Pressure Washer Not To Start? 6 Surprising Causes!

What would cause your pressure washer not to start? It’s due to machine or engine malfunction, insufficient water supply, worn out nozzle or clogged tip of the nozzle, water leakage, broken or malfunctioning pressure gauge, or unloader problem in a pressure washer.

Before you contact a repair shop, it’s way better to keep these reasons in mind why it stopped all at once so you can fix them on your own.

what would cause your pressure washer not to start

The removal of dirt, molds, and stains that accumulate is already stressful to property owners like you. And your stress might also double up if your machine suddenly stops working. It is vital then that you know the primary reasons why it is not working. This way, you will fix it. It’s no doubt that a pressure washer is a significant investment to consider buying. This is true if you are concerned about maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your decks, lawn, tile patios, front entrance, walkways, stairs, and many more. Indeed, it is a handy tool to use by property owners that you can also depend on. 


What Would Cause The Pressure Washer Not To Start?

So, what would cause your pressure washer not to start? Below are the malfunction issues in a pressure washer and their solutions to consider.


#1. Machine or engine malfunction

This is one common reason why a pressure washer suddenly stopped working or has failed to start. The pressure washer engine might not start due to dirt that accumulates on the air filter, which prohibits sufficient air from hitting the carburetor. And thus, it leads up to the malfunction of your machine, requiring you to regularly check and clean the entire air filtration of your machine.


#2. Insufficient water supply

Have you experienced turning your machine, and for a second, it turns on, and suddenly it shuts down? If yes, you should check out the water supply since maybe; it doesn’t have enough water as required by the pump. For your machine to start or work efficiently, there should be enough water to fill the machine’s pump capacity. And the use of it without enough supply causes the pump of your machine to suck in more air, causing further damage to your pressure washer. Click to know how much water does a pressure washer use


#3. Worn out nozzle or clogged tip of the nozzle

The use of a partially worn-out or old nozzle can cause damage to your machine. In this sense, a worn-out nozzle may disable your pressure washer from producing enough pressure to start. To fix it, replace it. Also, ensure the correct nozzle size, & check if the tip of your nozzle is clogged or not. Having a clogged nozzle can hinder the machine from starting or working correctly. Here’s the pressure noozle chart


#4. Water leakage

People tend to think that water leakage from the machine indicates malfunctioning. But, sometimes, it is a sign that your machine is working correctly. Water leakage is sometimes caused by the “thermal relief” that hinders the machine’s pump from overheating. And sometimes, when the water gets trapped, the new water supply in the pressure washer cannot enter correctly. This causes it further not to start working. The solution to this problem is to pull the trigger of the washer pressure at least every minute. Turn it off if you will not use the machine. Avoid running it when not in use to prevent it from overheating.


#5. Broken or malfunctioning pressure gauge

Does your machine have too much or low pressure? If so, then there’s a chance that you are using an improper nozzle size. Low pressure may indicate that your nozzle is too large, and if there’s too much pressure, it means you are using a tiny nozzle. Using an improper nozzle size causes the pressure gauge to get broken. So, use the most suitable nozzle. But if it is not still working, you might need to check the regulator and adjust the unloader accordingly.


#6. Unloader problem in a pressure washer

This causes your machine to leak and experiences too low pressure. Replace the unloader of the machine with one that comes with the PSI ratings and the Greater Gallons per Minutes or GPM. It is great if you check the unloader regularly.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what would cause your pressure washer not to start as to the machine or engine malfunction, insufficient water supply, worn out nozzle or clogged tip of the nozzle, water leakage, broken or malfunctioning pressure gauge, or unloader problem in a pressure washer. So fixing the pressure washer is never troubling anymore since you learned the causes already. 

Before running to the nearest repair shop, consider the causes and solutions to save some money and effort. And as a pressure washer owner, it is necessary to know the common problems relevant to the pressure washer. This way, you won’t be stressed if the machine is not working. Maintenance and proper usage are two important factors that you should consider to prolong the life of your machine. Also, when buying a pressure washer, take time to read the manuals so that you will be guided on properly how to use it.

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