How To Start A Craftsman Pressure Washer? 11 Easy Steps!

How to start a craftsman pressure washer? There are 11 easy steps that you can execute with ease. Here’s an overview:

First, run water to the machine and wait until you remove the air from the hose. Check its air filter, clean dirt, and replace damaged parts. Check the oil level and change if required. Next, top off the fuel inside the tank and get the spark plug connected to the wire.

How to start a craftsman pressure washer

The problem with the pressure washer not starting is due to a lot of reasons. For one, the spark plug diffuses an electrical signal that ignites the air and fuel in the cylinder. And thus, it jumps the engine. I guess it’s helpful to read more about this topic to get more knowledge. Delve further!


Steps To Consider In Starting A Craftsman Pressure Washer

So, how to start a craftsman pressure washer? Here are more of the steps to learn to start a craftsman pressure washer:


Step #1. Positioning the pressure washer

Position the pressure washer on a leveled surface. Attach the last part of the garden hose to the water source outside like the fixture.


Step #2. Checking the hose

Check the hose that links the spay handle and the water pump with a wrench. This way, you ensure it is tight properly. Likewise, tighten the pressure washer hose if you feel it loosen up.


Step #3. Tightening the hose

Use your hand to tighten the hose onto the inlet. It goes with the label “water inlet.” Next, turn the source of the water outside to begin the water flow into the washer.


Step #4. Purging the debris and air from the pressure washer

Purge the debris and air from the pressure washer and also the lines. Then, press and hold the trigger in a sprayer gun until you notice the water flow from the nozzle.


Step #5. Screwing the nozzle extension

Screw the extension of the nozzle to the last part of the spray gun. Keep it tight with your hand if it is not attached correctly.


Step #6. Sliding the nozzle extension

Slide that nozzle extension in an outward position reaching through the low-pressure position.


Step #7. Pulling the trigger lock of the washer

Pull the washer’s trigger lock while the small spring tab under the trigger pushes downward. Therefore, it locks the trigger in its off position.


Step #8. Pushing the pressure washer throttle lever

Push the pressure washer throttle lever on the right side of the engine down to “fast setting.”


Step #9. Placing the choke of the engine

Place the choke of the engine in the “Choke position” if you feel it is cold. Place the choke in its “Run” position if it’s warm.


Step #10. Grabbing the T-handle

Grab the T-handle that is attached to the top engine pull-string. Pull the T-handle up until you see the light resists. Next, pull it upward to turn the engine and go back to its handle. Follow this step again until the pressure washer engine starts. Squeeze the spray gun trigger if the engine begins but stalls.


Step #11. Setting the engine choke at a running position

Set the engine choke at its “running position” while the engine starts to warm up. Get the choke knob back to the “Choke” position if the engine stumbles upon it and move the choke to “Run.” Then, allow the craftsman pressure washer engine to warm up even further. Follow the step again until you see the machine operating smoothly. Set the choke knob at its running position. And then, set the choke knob at its “run” position if the pressure washer still does not begin after six pulls of the T-handle. Repeat #10 until you see the washer starts.


Reasons Why Craftsman Pressure Washer Does Not Start

A craftsman pressure washer is not starting because it has no spark. It also indicates that it has a defective plug. Thus, it would be best if you replaced it right away. Moreover, a sticky fuel may clog up the carburetor that preventing the engine from functioning. Try to clean it using a carburetor if you think it is clogged. Check this out too: why wont my pressure washer start.


Pressure Washer Start Even Without Water

It is not right to start a craftsman pressure washer with no water. If no water hooks to it, you will only face considerable risk. There will be damage after that, which devastates the inner workings of the pressure washer.


Questions About The Craftsman Pressure Washer And Their Answers

  • Is the Craftsman such a good pressure washer? The one with 1,700 PSI machines featuring steam cleaner is the best choice for many people, which is very interesting to use.
  • Does a pressure washer allow you to paint? With a pressure washer, you can chip the paint off easily on most surfaces. Use water flow at a low pressure to remove painted items like the painted outdoor furniture or porch floor.
  • Is it ok to use dish soap on a pressure washer? Dishwashing soap works ok. But, it will consider the size of a home requiring a pressure washer.
  • How long does it take to run a pressure washer? Please don’t run the pressure washer longer than the usual 3 to 5 minutes to avoid further damage to the pump while its trigger is still off. Adjust the spray and pressure settings if the washer is running and the trigger is locked off. If you want, insert a nozzle tip through the spray wand. That is when the pressure washer is ok to use.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to start a craftsman pressure washer with each of the steps mentioned. While it may follow a lot of steps, it’s the only way to solve the problem. First, focus on the reasons why it doesn’t start to guide you to avoid them. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to start a gas pressure washer and how to start a pressure washer.

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