What To Do With Old Air Mattress: 2 Best Ideas

If you’re unsure what to do with old air mattress, we recommend these two procedures. First, you might be able to salvage it or even turn it into something useful. There’s no need to throw it away immediately. 

But if the air bed is too damaged, read this guide on how to get rid of a mattress. We hope it’s your last consideration because it’s always better to lessen our waste. 

what to do with old air mattress


What To Do With Old Air Mattress: Consider These 2 Before Throwing It Away!



  • Check if the issues on the air bed are still repairable
  • Find the leaks in the air mattress and patch them up if they are relatively small
  • Patch kits should be available for repairing the air mattress 
  • Check if the fixed air bed no longer deflates to ensure that it will still be useful 
  • If the air mattress still has a good structure, consider using it as a summer pet bed 
  • For some severely damaged air mattresses, it’s better to reuse them


  • Air mattresses are typically made of PVC, which therefore makes them effective covers for large items when repurposed
  • Deconstruct the air mattress to turn it into the cover by cutting and sewing it according to the size you need
  • Use the upcycled air mattress to cover different types of equipment in the garage or as extra protection for outdoor furniture
  • The cut and sewn air mattress is also waterproof so that you can use it as flooring for camping
  • Protect your firewood from moisture by covering it with a tarp made from an old air mattress
  • If you are doing some sprays and painting indoors, use the old air mattress to cover surfaces instead of a drop cloth
  • Use the old air mattress as a liner underneath your outdoor shoe rack
  • Place the repurposed air bed underneath the grill or kitchen sink to make cleaning easier
  • Use the scraps of air mattress materials for patching other items made from PVC or vinyl, such as pool toys

Are Airbeds Recyclable?

Air beds are not recyclable, primarily if your mattress only uses PVC. However, some inflatable mattresses might be PVC-free, in which case, they’ll be easier to recycle. Eco-Cycle also mentions that they accept air mattresses with foam padding, but 100% vinyl is considered trash.  

Nonetheless, find the nearest recycling facilities near you and ask if they’ll accept the material type you have. It would be best to call first to confirm if they will take the air mattress to save time and possibly gas money to bring it into the facility. Note never to attempt placing the air bed in the recycling bin if you’re unsure about its compatibility with your local recycling program. 


How Do I Get Rid Of An Air Mattress?


If your air mattress is still in good shape, consider contacting local shelters if they are accepting donations. You might also find some charity thrift shops in your community. If you can’t find a place to donate the used air bed, perhaps a friend or family member can use an extra mattress. 



Air mattresses that are too damaged will no longer be usable or recyclable. Instead, it would be best if you disposed of it correctly according to your community’s garbage disposal schedule. For example, in North King County, you can place the air bed on your curbside garbage cart in the morning of your scheduled collection day. 

Different areas will vary with their collection schedules, so always check with your local garbage management. Here is how you must dispose of an old air bed properly:


  1. Deflate your air mattress accordingly to make sure that it won’t be bulky in the trash
  2. Cut up the air mattress if needed 
  3. Roll or fold up the air mattress to help it fit through the garbage bin

Can You Return An Opened Air Mattress?

You can still return an opened air mattress, depending on where you bought it. For example, large stores like Walmart have a 90-day return policy for unopened and unused air beds if you have the original packaging and receipt. But if the air mattress is already opened and removed from the box, it will only be eligible for exchange. 

Another difference when returning an opened air bed is you must also include the accessories. It would always be best to check return policies and warranties when buying an air mattress for additional buyer protection and confidence.


How Long Should Air Mattress Last?

An air mattress can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years. This will, of course, depend on its overall quality and usage, and it’s better just to replace the air bed every five to eight years to ensure a quality sleeping experience. You also need to check for any damages on the seams and other parts as the air mattress ages. 



Do you have an air bed you no longer use? To recap this article on what to do with old air mattress, you can either try fixing it or upcycle it into another useful item. If patches no longer do the trick, the air mattress can become your cover or liner inside and outside the house. 

And when it comes to recycling and disposal of the air mattress, contact the waste management and recycling centers near you to know more. 

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