How To Deflate Air Mattress? 2 Types In Easy Steps!

How to deflate air mattress? Having the right mattress to lay in and rest wherever you go is one of the best ways to enjoy as you recharge.

Sometimes when we travel outdoors, we get so tired, and we couldn’t sleep much if it is like camping.

How to deflate air mattress

All you have is a tent, and sometimes no beddings would give you the comfort you want.

That’s why bringing a mattress with you could help you a lot. I know you would think that this is a good idea but how is it even possible?

Just in case you forgot that there are many types of mattresses all over the world, you should try to recall all of them.

Some mattresses are space-friendly and won’t be too bulky or heavy. You can always have a mattress wherever you go; just make sure it is travel-friendly.

One good example of a mattress is an air mattress. This mattress is very flexible. You can use it everywhere you want it to be.

In water, maybe? Or inland. It has a lot of purposes where you can utilize it.


Ways To Deflate Air Mattress

An air mattress is very durable and flexible.

You can deflate it and pack it, and then you are good to go.

You can sleep comfortably on a bed even when you are out to have fun.

All you need is to be innovative and think outside the box.

Let’s start to learn how you should deflate your air mattress.

Here are the ways on how to deflate air mattress:


Type #1. With Pump

It is indeed useful and more comfortable to deflate an air mattress if you have a pump.

It looks much convenient since you have the material you used when you inflated it.


Step #1. Locating the valve

When you have an air bed, it has to have this specific area where you can pump in and out the air.

It is often called the valve.

So to deflate your air mattress, you have to look for this.


Step #2. Open the valve

Right after you have seen where the valve is, open it.

As you open it, you would hear and feel the air going out slowly.


Step #3. Press it in

After you have opened it, gently press the air bed to let the air out of it.

Note that you should do this with patience and as gentle as possible.

It might damage the air mattress, especially the valve, if you pressed it hard.


Step #4. Connect the pump

Right after that, to make it faster and more comfortable, grab your pump and insert it into the valve.

Make sure that you will set the pump on the deflate option.

You might inflate it instead of reducing it if you did the reverse of what you should do.


Step #5. Pump the air out

Since you have inserted the pump into the valve, pump out the air built up in there.

It may vary on what type of pump you are using.

Make sure to know how you should use a specific type of pump.


Step #6. Finish and roll

When all the air is out, you might want to fix your air mattress to be appropriately packed.

Roll it out or fold it over in your decided size and shape.

You may put it in the bag where you got it at first if you still have it.

In an instance that you do not have a bag for it, you can buy a new one on Amazon or use any alternative bags.


Type #2. Manual

You can manually deflate your air mattress if you wish to; use your strength and body in doing so.

It does not differ much from the air pump process.

It’s just that all you need here is time, patience, and your body.


Step #1. Find the valve

It is always essential to find where the air gets in and out.

In a way, this could be easier to find your focus when deflating it.


Step #2. Open the valve

Open the valve and feel when the air starts running out.

Gently press on it and observe if the air comes out more than what was coming earlier.


Step #3. Rollover or press it down

On the opposite side of the valve, lay down on it slowly to press out a lot of air and roll over the whole air mattress to get all the air.

It is crucial to make sure there is no air left.


Step #4. Fold it up

After making sure that all air was gone.

Fold your air mattress and place it in a bag or case where it would be safe for traveling or storage.



It is better to have your knowledge about the things that you should do inside the house.

Deflating your air mattress is sometimes needed when you pump a lot more than the standard or when you need to bring it somewhere else.

And with that, we have answered the question “how to deflate air mattress?”

I hope that all your learnings will stay with you wherever you go and so as your air mattress.