What To Do With Cats During Pest Control? 4 Prepping Steps

Are you worried about what to do with cats during pest control? We got you all covered, and this article will provide you with all the safety precautions and things you need to prepare for your pets when your place needs a pest control visit.

People are usually and naturally concerned about the safety of their children and other family members during a pest control treatment. Despite this, people often neglect to take care of their pets, including birds, fish, dogs, and cats.

what to do with cats during pest control


Protecting Pets During Pest Control

Considering the fact that pest control treatments are not thought to have an enormous impact on pets, they can nonetheless be damaging to them somehow. Dogs and cats, in particular, can consume and absorb pesticides through their skin and inhale the odor because they frequently use their nose to sniff out new things.

It is a must to take extra precautions to protect your pets before, during, and after a pest control service in such circumstances. You can read about what to do after pest control sprays, which will give you a glimpse of the effects of pesticides.


Steps Before Pest Control Service

You must take the following procedures to ensure the safety of your cats before beginning the pest control treatment:


Step #1. Do not try DIY

If you have fur babies and other pets like cats in your home, it’s essential to employ a professional pest control service company because they have the experience and expertise to assure their safety.


Step #2. Inform your pest control service provider 

You should advise your pest control company about any pets you have so that they may tailor the treatment program to your needs.


Step #3. Ask your vet

To protect your pets, you can also get a consultation from your veterinarian before the arrival of service members.


Step #4. Check the label

To ensure the safety of your cats, read the label on the pesticide treatment used by the service provider before beginning the pest control treatment.


Keeping Your Cat Safe During Pest Control Service

You can keep your pets safe throughout the pest treatment by keeping them away from the affected area. You should keep your pets inside if the treatment is done on the outside of your home. 

Similarly, if the treatment is taking place in your house, keep them out. Read about this article on why stay out of house after pest control for additional information and precautions.


FAQs And Tips


Are pesticides pet friendly?

On the one hand, it is indeed evident that neither our pets nor ourselves should be scurrying around swallowing pesticides. On the other hand, pest control experts meticulously choose and blend solutions in certain ratios. 

However, for us mammals, our tailored therapies are particularly effective against teeny-tiny undesirable critters. We’ve carefully structured our policies to emphasize the protection of reptiles and other creatures based on their distinct sensitivities.

What if we told you that the appropriate pest management is not only good for your pets but also good for you? It’s true that insects can harm both humans and our four-legged companions. 

Bugs can be carriers of allergens, disease carriers, and even food sources for your dogs (think fleas and ticks). Your pets will be free and clear of pests and possible infections if they are treated on a regular basis by a pet-friendly pest control firm.


Finding a pet-friendly service provider

Finding pest control providers that use pet-friendly pesticides is also a good way to ensure your pets’ safety. While providing services to you as a client, be sure they take all required precautions to protect your pets.


Is it necessary for my pet to depart during or after treatment?

In general, the short answer for mammals like dogs and cats is no. It is not necessary for your furry companions to leave totally. 

Allow time for the items to dry before allowing your cats and dogs free reign in the treated areas. That can take up 30 minutes to an hour for outside treatments and then 2-3 hours for inside treatments.


How long should you wait after the pest control service before letting cats go outside?

You must wait at least 20-30 minutes before allowing your cats and other pets to go outdoors if the treatment is applied to the exterior of your home.


Is it necessary for me to inform my field specialist about my pets?

Please do so! Protecting your family and pets will always be our primary priority. 

Every office person and field professional in pest control service which assists you in caring for your home should always be aware of your animal companions, providing you with much-needed peace of mind.



We know you don’t just roll the dice when it comes to your pet’s health and safety. We see how much you adore your feline friends, which is what led you to the question of what to do with cats during pest control.

Our animals depend on us to safeguard them, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Effective pest treatment that is also pet-friendly is possible.

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