What Is Included In Pest Control? 7 Essential Factors

In case pests invade your space, pest control services will come to your rescue. Read through to know what is included in pest control, so you will know what to expect if ever you avail of a service.

Pests are not just disgusting but, more importantly, can be a threat to your health and may also damage your property. It is why you have to take immediate action to get unwanted guests out of the comfort of your home.

what is included in pest control


Pest Control Service

Pest control services aim to get rid of any kinds of pests in your space, may it be your home, a farm, or even business premises. Pest control technicians use various tools, equipment, and chemicals to fight against nasty creatures.

Here is a list of activities that a pest control team does for you.


1. Checking of entry points

The first thing that the team has to accomplish is to check the entry points. The entry points are the areas where pests enter your house.

The pest control technicians will check the doors, windows, pipes, and attics to find potential entry points for pests. It may take a while as they have to inspect each corner in detail to spot tiny holes, cracks, and other unseen places of access.

To help you gain more ideas on who you will be working with on tasks like this, take your time to read this article on what is a pest control technician.


2. Moisture inspection

Moist areas are favorable grounds for pest invasion and breeding. It makes them another crucial area of concern.

Places with a high and constant amount of moisture attract different kinds of nasty creatures and allow them to grow and multiply. It is why they are the main targets of pest control technicians.


3. Extermination

After locating the areas of concern, the pest control experts will now take action. They came equipped with advanced equipment and tools to eliminate any monsters that invaded your house.

To give you some knowledge, here are some of the extermination services pest control experts provide:

  • Rodent control – Rodents with their massive teeth will destroy your clothes, furniture, and floor, so the team will apply their best techniques to put an end to the nasty invasion.
  • Cockroach extermination – You can actually get rid of cockroaches yourself, but no one wants to do the dirty and nasty work. It is most homeowners’ choice to avail a pest control service.

The experts will use concentrated chemicals. Don’t worry, as the chemicals are only strong enough to kill cockroaches and are not harmful to humans.

  • Mosquito control – Mosquitoes are a huge threat to your health as they may cause a disease called dengue. The pest control team will use efficient mosquito-management techniques to get rid of the threatening insects.
  • Bed bug extermination – One of the most unpleasant things that we can experience is for our sleep to be distracted by the nasty bed bugs. Fortunately, the pest control team knows precisely how to help you have a good sleep.
  • Ants and fleas control – Ants and fleas can be hard to control as they multiply fast and grow by thousands and millions every day. Luckily, you can always call for help from pest control experts.

There are different methods to control pests, and one of them is biological pest control. Here is an article about what is a biological control for pest management that you can read.


Pest Control Inspection

Aside from exterminating the pests, it is one of the pest control service’s tasks to conduct a thorough inspection. It is one of the best and highly effective steps to take complete control of pests.

Here are some of the inspections they do: 


1. Inspecting the outside of the house

In most cases of pest infestation, the main reason for the invasion is to seek food, warmth, and security. The key to keeping them away from your space is to ensure that there are no openings for them to enter your home.

The experts will make sure to check the outside premises of your home for rotting, nests, holes, etc. In addition, some may also include inspecting for leakage, wood damage, dryness, and decay.


2. Checking the inside of the house

After inspecting the outside, the experts will also examine the inside of your home. They will look for chew marks, droppings, mold, or tunneling. 


3. Reporting to you

A happy customer is an informed customer. Pest control inspection also involves letting the homeowner know the degree of invasion, as well as the recommendations and help they would like to offer.


4. Follow up

After giving the reports, the pest control team will also give the customer a follow-up regarding the situation and inform you of the additional problems or issues spotted.



A pest control service will provide your home with effective pest management to keep the nasty creatures away. Although we all know it is very helpful, most homeowners don’t know exactly what services they will be offered if they ever avail of one.

In this note, we are hoping this article helped you become aware of what is included in pest control service and inspection. Let us all take actions to keep our home comfortable and pest-free.

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