Pest Control 101: Why Stay Out Of House After Pest Control?

The question “why stay out of house after pest control” may be running through your head after you have asked professionals to get rid of pests for you. Just read through because here is the explanation that you have to pay attention to.

Although nowadays, pest control companies ditched the toxic chemicals, they will still require you to stay away from your house after pest control for at least 15 minutes. It is not to save you from the harmful effects of chemicals but only to let the treatment dry.

why stay out of house after pest control

Modern pest control sprays are now safe to use both indoors and outdoors and will not need to drive you away from your home. They also dry quickly and will not leave any residues and serious issues behind. 


How To Prepare For Pest Control

Pest control can be done by yourself but it is still better to ask for professional help from pest control companies. It is their role to get rid of pests for you and you should do your part of preparing your home for the treatment they’ll be doing.


Provide easy access

It is important for pest control technicians to have easy access to the corners of your home. It will make it easier for them to work on areas where pests thrive.

As much as possible, keep your space clear and free from anything that will make it harder to navigate and move around.


Clean your home

Mopping the floor before the treatment is a good thing to do. It will help improve the effectiveness and adhesion of the treatment, promoting long-term results.


Keep your clothes and furniture safe

Before you let the pest control technicians do their work, make sure to keep your clothes and furniture safe from chemicals. Wrap your clothes, beddings, and other stuff with plastic and place them inside your cabinets.

Also, with a wide sellotape, seal the gaps in doors and drawers. Then, don’t forget to wrap your sofas, chairs, and tables with plastic.

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Store your dining wares away

Make sure to store away your glasses, plates, and utensils in plastic containers since you don’t want them to get sprayed with chemicals. Also, you should move small appliances away from the kitchen, if possible. 

If you can’t, just unplug them and cover them with plastic wrapping. Don’t forget to cover your water filter’s outlet to avoid contamination.


Empty your bathroom

You should empty your bathroom before the treatment. Keep your toothbrush, shaving razors, and soaps away or just replace them after the pest control.


Bring your pets somewhere safe

It is best to keep your fur friends away from home if you are planning to have pest control. If you have an aquarium, make sure to cover it with plastic and turn off the air pump to avoid sucking in harmful air-borne chemicals.


What to do after the pest control

After the technicians have done their job, it is now your turn again.

  • Wait – Wait for as long as the exterminator told you to. It is the best thing to keep yourself safe for pest control to be effective.
  • Allow sometime before you clean – Although there will be no mess left by the exterminator after, it is advisable to avoid sweeping or mopping your area. Avoid deep cleaning for a week or so to keep the treatment effective.
  • Protect yourself – Although the technicians use environment-friendly pest control products, it is still best to protect your skin from direct contact. Wear a pair of gloves when unwrapping your furniture and stuff.
  • Throw away papers – Pests love feeding on papers, so it is best to throw away paper kinds of stuff that you don’t use anymore. You can keep your important documents in containers to avoid contamination.
  • Check for remaining pests – Days after the treatment, you will continue to find dead pests around your home. Make it a habit to regularly check infested areas and keep them clean — you should get rid of all dead pests as they attract new pests and may result in re-infestation.

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Unwanted guests, or pests as we call them, will come to visit our home in times and areas we don’t expect. Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with them and do our part before, during, and after the pest control technicians take care of them.

We are hoping at this point, the question “why stay out of house after pest control” has been given light. It will not hurt to wait for some time, so it is best that we do.

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