What Size To Cut Fabric For Pillow Forms. Read This

If you’re wondering what size to cut fabric for pillow forms, it will depend on the pillow type as well. You can make a connection with the fact that pillow forms are meant to improve the overall finish of a pillow. Also known as pillow inserts, adding a pillow form will make any pillow look fuller and cozier. 

You can make a pillow form at home, but it will be crucial that you know how much fabric you’ll need. This will help you anticipate the materials and also prevent issues with measurements. After all, the pillow form must be the perfect fit for the pillow to achieve the best finish. 

What Size To Cut Fabric For Pillow Forms


What Size Fabric To Cut For Pillow Forms

Pillow inserts or pillow forms are crucial additions to your pillows because they make them look plumper and cozier. The good news is you can sew them yourself to have full control over its customization. However, you must be familiar with the fabric size for every pillow form type to help you with planning. 


How to measure fabric for pillow forms

The following are the sizes you can expect for every type of pillow form. Using these dimensions, you’ll add an inch of material and seam allowance according to your liking. For example, if the pillow form measures 30 by 30 inches, you will need a fabric one size larger that is 31 by 31 inches and then add seam allowance, typically half an inch. 


Standard Pillow Form Sizes

Using the cheat sheet below for standard pillow form sizes, you’ll measure the fabric according to the guidelines discussed. Once you have the fabric allowance, you’ll cut fabric pieces accordingly and then pin their wrong sides together. Sew all around them, leaving one side open for stuffing with your desired fill, and then stitch it closed. 

And that’s it! You just made the best-fitting pillow form for your pillow. However, the emphasis is necessary on following the measurements diligently. Furthermore, it’s best to check your pillow if it follows the standard sizes. 


Square pillow forms

Square or Euro pillow forms usually measure 30 by 30 inches, but smaller varieties are 26 by 26 inches, 18 by 18 inches, and 16 by 16 inches. Depending on the size of the pillow form you have, add one size up and allocate seam allowance for sewing. Do note that these dimensions may also vary per manufacturer, so you should measure your pillow beforehand. 


Rectangular pillow forms

Rectangular pillow forms vary in sizes ranging from 20 by 36 inches, 20 by 26 inches, and 14 by 36 inches. Some brands even have 12 by 24-inch and 12 by 16-inch pillow forms. When sewing fabric for these sizes, remember the material allocation previously discussed. 


Round and bolster pillow forms

When it comes to cylindrical and rounded pillow forms, the dimensions will be slightly different. Round pillow forms usually measure 20 inches in diameter with a 4-inch gusset. There are also round pillow forms measuring 14 inches in diameter with a 3.5-inch gusset. 

On the other hand, bolster pillow forms come in 10 by 27 inches, 8 by 30 inches, and 6 by 16 inches. Cutting the fabric for these pillow forms is also similar to the earlier types. Remember to add extra material for the seams and add a size up for sewing. 


How To Find The Right Size Pillow Form

Finding the right size of pillow form to use is relatively easy, that even making one is as straightforward once you know the fabric amount you’ll need. Based on the tips discussed earlier, you already know that the insert should be an inch larger than the pillow cover. However, there are still some variations to this rule. 


Pillow cover size

For example, small pillow covers with dimensions 14 by 14 inches or smaller can use a pillow insert with the same size as the cover. This way, the result will be snug. Furthermore, the stuffing you’ll use for the pillow form will also affect the sizing. 

Keep these guidelines in mind when cutting the fabric for the pillow form.


Stuffing material

For example, using an insert an inch larger than the cover is useful if your form stuffing is polyfill. However, you can adjust the insert size to two or three inches larger than the cover if your stuffing is feather or down. Remember that the point of using a pillow form is to improve the pillow’s loft, and these materials will require bigger insert sizes. 



Is your pillow looking flat and dull? Determine what size to cut fabric for pillow forms and make the insert yourself. Using the cheat sheet discussed, you’ll just check your pillow form size and cut fabric pieces with extra materials in mind. 

What this means is checking the pillow form size and adding one size up for the fabric. Don’t forget to allocate seam allowance and cut the fabric pieces according to the shape of the pillow form. However, you should also measure your pillow form if your manufacturer used a different dimension than the standard ones. 

Are you still confused with sizing? Remember to get a pillow form an inch larger than the pillow cover. You can also add two to three inches in sizing if you’re using a stuffing like down and feather.