What Size Is A Bunk Bed Mattress? The Complete Guide

The answer to the question of what size is a bunk bed mattress is not straightforward. Instead, clarify that there are different dimensions for every bunk bed mattress. They include twin, twin XL, full, double XL, and queen. 

This article will discuss each size so you can understand their differences. Indeed, even bunk beds offer multiple sizes, much like the ones we use on traditional bed frames. It will be useful to familiarize yourself with them to set your bunk beds more proportionally.

what size is a bunk bed mattress


How Big Is A Bunk Bed Mattress?

You’ve probably heard of a split king mattress that uses two twin XL mattresses side by side. But what are the sizes of mattresses that you use for bunk beds with mattresses on top of each other? Somewhat similarly, bunk beds can also use twin XL mattresses. 

However, you’re not limited to twin and twin XL mattresses for bunk beds. You can also use full, double XL, and queen mattresses, depending on the bunk bed design. Remember that you can set a twin mattress on top and a full mattress on the bottom or even a standard on top and a futon on the bottom. 

If you want to play it safe and assume the size to get, most bunk beds use twin and twin XL mattresses. Just remember to check the bottom bunk because it might use a queen or double mattress. You should always verify your bed frame to select the right mattress for a snug and safe fit. 


Types of mattresses for a bunk bed

The most common sizes are twin and twin XL, and they measure 75 by 39 by 6 inches and 80 by 39 by 6 inches, respectively. You can also get a full mattress with the dimensions of 75 by 54 by 8 inches or something bigger like a double XL measuring 80 by 53 by 10 inches. A queen mattress measuring 80 by 60 by 8 inches should also do well for bunk beds.

It can be overwhelming to choose a mattress for a bunk bed because of these extensive options. A useful tip to remember is to use a mattress around 6 inches thick for the top bunk and 10 inches max for the bottom bunk. This way, the set-up will be safe, and the top mattress won’t risk spilling over the guardrails. 


Do Bunk Beds Use Regular Mattresses?

In a sense, you don’t need to use select mattresses for bunk beds. As long as the mattress fits snugly to the frame, it should be safe to use. Make sure to read your bunk bed dimensions before you proceed to buy a mattress to avoid issues. 

Furthermore, avoid using a thick mattress for the top bunk to prevent raising the person at the top from the rails. If you’re using the bunk bed for kids, choose foam over a spring mattress to keep them from jumping since the former has less bounce that can encourage them. And finally, consider the mattress firmness to achieve your ideal support and comfort.


Is A Bunk Bed The Same Size As A Single Bed?

A bunk mattress and a single mattress have the same dimensions. As discussed earlier, the most common mattress size for bunk beds is a twin, and a twin mattress measures the same as a single mattress. They come at 38 by 75 inches, but some manufacturers can offer some deviations in this size. 


What Is The Difference Between A Bunk Bed Mattress And A Regular Mattress?

There is not much difference between a regular and a bunk bed mattress. They will only have differences according to your preferences and the bed frame you’re using. Remember that some bunk beds require a specific combination of sizes and shapes compared to regular mattresses that are more straightforward. 


Bunk bed sizes combination

Some bunk beds use the same mattress size for the top and bottom bunk. You can find twin mattresses that are excellent for the average person or a combination of single XL over single XL for taller adults. If the bunk bed needs to fit four people, you can have a double mattress each for the top and bottom bunk.

Those who have bunk beds for resorts and lodges typically use queen mattresses for the top and bottom bunk. However, you can use double XL mattresses as an alternative if your space is too limited for queen mattresses. What about bunk beds that use different size mattresses for the top and bottom bunk?

These combinations include having single over double mattresses or single XL over double XL mattresses. The size difference for these bunk beds provides good headroom and space for both users. You can also combine a single XL mattress over a queen mattress or a double XL mattress over a queen mattress if adults share the room.



If you’re trying to find mattresses for your bunk beds, the first thing to check is the sizes. What size is a bunk bed mattress? The most common dimensions that you can expect follow a twin mattress.

However, please check your bunk bed frame as it might require a different size. Some other mattress sizes for bunk beds are twin XL, full, double XL, and queen. Nonetheless, a single mattress has the same size as a bunk bed mattress.