What Happens When You Squish A Bed Bug? 3 Surprising Effects!

Do you think there are bed bugs on your bed, and you would want to know about “what happens when you squish a bed bug?”

Well, do not worry because we are here to help you out. We will answer your question altogether.

A lot of people are dealing with bed bugs which is why they are obsessed with squishing them.

But for some, they are worried that there might have effects when you squish them.

You better know more before you do something. You learn how to research first. That’s why we are here to accompany you.

In solving problems and puzzles in your head, you definitely can’t sleep without finding out the answer.

So today, we will answer your question about squishing bed bugs.


what happens when you squish a bed bug

What Happens When You Squish Bed Bugs

When you see pests strolling around your property, you will get mad, but that can go to a greater extent.

Small pets can be more prone to savage and brutal actions such as killings and many more.

As for a sleepyhead like you, you might not like to see a bed bug in your bed, especially that it has a lot of damage.

Maybe you can do something about it, and you might want to squish them, but you are still afraid.

To end your confusion, we are here to help you out. So, if you are thinking of squishing it out, you may.

But you have to consider the effects once you did the squishing technique.

So, what happens when you squish a bed bug?


Effect #1. Blood Stain

The most obvious thing to happen when you squish bed bugs is their bloodstains.

But, unfortunately, it is really unlikely to be seen.

It is gross, and it can ruin your mood when you see one.

Also that when it stains your bedsheets, it is a problem.

Usually, when you squish a bed bug, and the blood is still fresh, it will stain heavily.

Bed bugs feed on people’s blood, so when you happened to squish one that just got done providing, it might stain more.

When you want to squish one, better squish it outside and not on your bed because it might stain hard.

It is hard to remove blood stains, most especially the thick ones. Better think of it before you do it.


Effect #2. It might itch you out

By just looking at bed bugs, you already get those shivers and itch coming through your senses.

As they bit you, they also infect and give swelling into your skin, which is not good.

But can you handle the cringe and all the possibilities when you squish one? It might worsen the consequences.

The blood that it contains as its food might spread or shower on your skin is not a great thing.

It might cause you severe itch and rash, if ever. So as much as possible, please avoid squishing one.


Effect #3. It might release a pungent smell

When you happen to see a bed bug, and you think that many of them were living on your bed, you should not squish one.

You might not know why but we will talk about it more. Bed bugs might be tiny, but they have great instincts.

They have a smell or odor that you can recognize when you flip your bed and see the invasion.

But that is not the strong odor we are talking about; it is more potent and bolder than that.

It won’t come from the one you squished but from that and all the other bed bugs remaining.

To give signals, we commonly use whistles, hand gestures for help or any emergency.

As for them, they use their smell or odor that they can release to let their troops know that there is something to happen.

If you happened to squish one, it might release the odor that can trigger all the remaining ones.

Imagine how many bed bugs are present, and all of them release the said signal.

It might not be suitable for you, and it can be bad for your sense of smell too. Better avoid this.


Is there any way to eliminate them?

Of course, there are so many ways to eliminate these bed bugs.

You might not know them, but we are so sure that you can find those on the internet.

Try to explore and checkout DIY step-by-step tutorials on articles and videos if you have the time.

Or you try to make use of scents that keeps bed bugs away. Learn more here.

But then, if you did not have any confidence in doing it all by yourself, you can always pay and ask for professional services.

In that way, you can guarantee that the infestation would no longer bother you when you sleep.

And it will no longer affect your senses or cringe the hell out of you.



That’s it. We are now finished with our current article, hoping to see you on your following questions.

Have a great day ahead, for we have answered, “What happens when you squish a bed bug?”

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