What Size Heater For 55-Gallon Aquarium? 3 Best Aquarium Heaters!

Are you wondering what size heater for 55-gallon aquarium? Stop wondering, cos’ you have arrived at the right place. A 165-watt heater is required at the very least for a 55-gallon aquarium. Whereas if the difference in temperature between the aquarium and the surrounding room temperature is roughly 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater of such size will work.

A decent heater is, without a doubt, an essential component of a successful aquarium. A majority of fishkeepers struggle with selecting the appropriate heater for the aquarium. The easiest method to achieve this is to calibrate the heater’s power to the aquarium’s capacity.

what size heater for 55-gallon aquarium

We’ll examine a few of the top aquarium heaters for aquariums ranging between 50 to 55 gallons in this study. Many kinds of aquarium heaters are examined when buying a 55-gallon aquariums heater, including glass, steel, electronic thermostats, or even submersible heaters. We’ve evaluated the finest aquarium heaters and compiled this list. Every heater does have its own set of functions, so take a gander at them all and pick the best ones. This is just an overview; keep reading to discover more.


Using An Aquarium Heater

Maintaining the aquarium’s temperature is essential because fish do not produce their body heat, and their lives depend on the water temperature. People mostly use a 55-gallon tank as the size is intermediate, and it also looks beautiful and gives you a more extensive view under the water. The importance of an aquarium heater is so high if you want your fishes to live longer in colder times. 

The type of fish in your tank is significant for determining which wattage heater you should utilize. If your fish live in hot water, a high-watt heater may be brilliant for guaranteeing the water is warmed appropriately. On the other hand, a heater is probably unnecessary if you own cold-water fish.


The Size Guideline For 55-Gallon Aquarium Heater

So, what size heater for 55-gallon aquarium? The size of an aquarium tank heater is determined by the quantity of water in the tank, the average temperature in the area where the aquarium is housed, and the desired temperature of the water for the tank. The main rule for heater wattage should be around 3.5 watts for every gallon of natural aquarium water. More wattage is usually necessary based on how often you want to boost the temperature. Whether utilizing multiple heaters, their combined heating capability must equal the needed wattage. 

When we talk about the size of an aquarium heater, its wattage is the most important thing to understand. The number of watts of your aquarium depends on the fish you have and the size of the aquarium. It also depends on the room temperature. Some heaters warm the water within a few minutes, and others may take half an hour or maybe an hour, and it all depends on the wattage power of the heater.

However, it said that 3 to 4 watts are enough for one gallon of water you use. A 120 to 180 watts heater is enough for a 55-gallon aquarium, and you do not need to worry about watching the aquarium’s temperature every hour. But sometimes, there is a need to increase the temperature. 


Qualities Of An Effective Heater

They’re made of shatter-resistant glass—this aids in temperature control precision. When you get out of the water, its thermostat well-being spotlight automatically turns off the heater. PTC technology can be used automatically to prevent overheating. Like all aquarium hardware, heaters are inclined to get messy and dirty. Cleaning your heater routinely is critical for expanding its life span. To clean your aquarium heater, turn it off first. Cleaning a heater or eliminating it from your tank while it is turned on can make it overheat or explode. You should take safety precautions while cleaning the heater.


Types Of Aquarium Heaters For 55-Gallon Tank 

Aquarium heaters for 55- gallon tanks come in many varieties, including hanging heaters: submersible heaters, and filter heaters. We will discuss them in detail, so you will better understand what size heater is for a 55-gallon aquarium. 


#1. Submersible heater

Submersible heaters go straightforwardly in your tank. They are housed in a thick plastic or glass packaging with a wound component inside. Most submarine heaters have a LED light that advises you when the heater is turned on. You may also be interested to know about submersible aquarium heaters.


#2. Hanging heater

This sort of heater looms over the highest point of your aquarium, with the warming component situated inside the water. To utilize a hanging more genial, you want an opening in the hood so it can fit over the rear of your aquarium.


#3. Filter heater

These types of heaters instantly increase the temperature of your aquarium, and it is constructive when you change the water and your aquarium water becomes warm immediately. 


Choose The Right Heater For Your Aquarium

To guarantee the stable environment of your fish. Picking any unbranded heater will make you stressed once in a while. In this way, you should choose a decent quality heater for your 55-gallon tank. Do you need two heaters? If your one heater couldn’t warm the water enough, you may need a 2nd heater, but then you have to care about the heat that may not exceed the requirement of the aquarium. 


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned what size heater for 55-gallon aquarium. The 165-watt heater is required at the very least for a 55-gallon aquarium. The mentioned three heaters are the best for a 55-gallon tank. Anyway, don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how do i know if my aquarium heater is working and how to tell if aquarium heater is broken. Thank you, friends, for reading this article.

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