How To Tell If Aquarium Heater Is Broken? 5 Amazing Ways!

Do you know how to tell if aquarium heater is broken? Well, if not yet, then don’t be panic, you come to the right spot. We’re here to help you out! By hand, bucket, thermometer, and light tests, you can figure out whether your aquarium is broken or working.

During really cold days, the aquarium heater keeps the water temperature stable for your fish. Most fish enthusiasts are aware of the use of this heater, but there are times when they are unsure if it is broken or working.

how to tell if aquarium heater is broken

This issue might be caused by a fish tank heater light that isn’t turned on, or maybe, due to incorrect aquarium heater installation. Dear friends, there’s much more to learn, so keep reading until the conclusion. And if you’re interested and want to learn more about your aquarium heater, let’s get started!


Ways To Tell If Aquarium Heater Is Broken

As with any electrical item on your property, a heating device can be damaged if it becomes too cold or hot. Continue reading to learn how to recognize the most common problems with fish tank heaters. 


#1. The bucket test 

Now let us begin with things that are a little more manageable. If you’ve got a 10–20 gallon fish tank, the water must be heated for one day. The water will warm up more quickly if the amount is less. Take a 5- to 7-liter bucket of water. Remember to take temperature readings. The water of your Aquarium heaters differs from standard water heaters, which can transfer heat in 5 to 10 minutes less.

But the aquarium water required It t much longer to complete. It will take 3 to 4 hours to fill a small bucket containing 5 to 7 liters of water. You won’t need a thermometer in this situation. It’s operating correctly if the water seems warmer than it was before. Even after an extended period, if the water is not as heated as it should have been, your aquarium heater is broken.  You must bring it to get it repaired or replaced correctly.


#2. Test by hand

You may understand how to tell if the aquarium heater is broken by hand test. It can sometimes appear that this is risky employment, and no doubt it is. However, if you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to do the task quickly and safely. It will take a long time for your fish tank water heater to warm up. You may accomplish this by slowly moving your hand further toward the heater after being immersed in water. You may sense a warmer as you get closer to the heater. It is most likely broken if you can touch the heater even after getting too near it. If that wasn’t the case, maybe you burnt your hands( don’t take it seriously, just joking). The heater is appropriate if the water surrounding it seems hotter.


#3. The light test

You may notice fuzzy vision when staring down a long road on a scorching day. A water heater in the fish tank might cause the very same problem. Wait a moment after putting the fish tank warmer in the water. The water may warm up a little at that period. Put a flashlight and place it on the heater’s edge. Due to the heater’s heat, you may have a hazy vision. When there’s no haze in your eyesight, the heater isn’t operating, and it’s broken. 


#4. Thermometer test

However, while proceeding with this experiment, you should be aware that analog or digital thermometers do not always display the proper reading. You may now utilize a conventional or even a tiny tank. For whatever size or shape, the outcome will still be the same. Just the passage of time is subject to change. It will require a shorter time for the water to warm up since there will be less of it.

It’s up to you to figure out how hot the water is. Adjust the water heater temperature a few degrees higher than that of the temperature in your room to obtain a noticeable benefit. Measure the water heater and deduct it from the preceding one once it has taken the appropriate time to heat up. Remember that you mustn’t need to use cold water more than your room’s temperature. For accurate measurement, make sure to maintain the water temperature as close as possible to that of the room. You may also be interested to know about types of aquarium thermometers.


#5. Check the aquarium tank temperature

You may know how long it will take to heat the water if you use the methods indicated above to evaluate if the aquarium heater is working or broken. Leave your fish tank’s water heater on for more than one day after you’ve turned it on. We are well aware that this will be a lengthy procedure. However, we are interested in the end outcome. By that time, the water must be warm. Simply place your hand on the tank at this point. Your aquarium heater isn’t malfunctioning if it feels hotter. That’s how to tell if aquarium heater is broken, my friends!


It’s A Wrap!

We hope this article has given you the answer: how to tell if aquarium heater is broke? Above, we have discussed many tests that will help you find out whether your aquarium heater is working or not. You may also want to read about how to use aquarium heater and how to tell if Aqueon heater is working. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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