What Religion Washes Feet At Wedding

The answer to what religion washes feet at wedding is Christian, and we will discuss its meaning and history in this read. You will also know how to do it, what script to use for feet washing at weddings, and what you’ll need for this tradition. 

We even included ways to make your wedding unique with traditions that you can incorporate into the ceremony. And when you’re attending one, please read what to wear to a Catholic wedding

what religion washes feet at wedding


What Religion Does Foot Washing At Wedding?

Washing feet at the wedding is a religious ceremony that is practiced by Christians. It represents Jesus when He washed His disciples’ feet as a symbol of humility and love. 

When you wash each other’s feet at your wedding, you are honoring faith and the love you have for each other. It is also interpreted as showing that neither of you is above the other, as marriage is an equal partnership between two people. 


What do you need for a foot washing ceremony?

Do you want to include feet washing in your wedding? Then you must prepare items to make them comfortable in the ceremony. 

Prepare something to sit on, a container to wash your feet in, something to hold water, and a towel to dry your feet off. It would also be best to plan this with your partner and officiant to know when to do it, how long, and how to do it when you’re at the altar. 

The officiant can also read the sample script for the foot washing ceremony below to announce to the guests the symbolism of this tradition. And, of course, you can make the moment more prominent by providing a song accompaniment as you and your partner wash each other’s feet


Foot washing ceremony script

Officiant: The bride and groom would like to wash each other’s feet now. As human beings, remember that we are all equal, and you may remember when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. 

This act shows that you are equal partners in marriage, and by washing each other’s feet today, you are kneeling and humbly accepting each other. Your love is not only a promise but also an unconditional action. 


Feel free to modify this script according to the bride and groom. But if you prefer, the officiant can also read a foot washing ceremony scripture


What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Washing Feet?

The spiritual meaning of why couples wash feet at weddings came from the religious context of Jesus in John 13:1-17. This is when He washed His disciples’ feet to show that He is equal to them and that, as human beings, we are all equal. 

Couples who want to honor their religion and show their faith usually incorporates the feet washing ceremony in their wedding. Just remember to discuss this with your religious officiant to know the best way to introduce it during your unity ceremony. 


What Does Foot Washing At A Wedding Mean?

Foot washing at a wedding is a way to show humility, love, and equality. By washing your partner’s feet and them washing yours, you are showing to each other and everyone in the ceremony that you love them unconditionally and view the partnership as equal. 

Another interpretation of feet washing at a wedding is to honor your religious background. You are not only celebrating your union, but you’re also not forgetting about your faith and its involvement in your marriage. 

Speaking of showing your love and promising your loyalty to each other, read when do you say I do in a wedding. Vows are also crucial for the ceremony as they’re how you’d reassure your partner of your role in the marriage. 


What Are Some Unique Traditions At Weddings?


Candle lighting ceremony 

The bride and groom each take a small candle with flames and light a larger candle. This symbolizes how the two flames become similar to their lives after the union. 


Sand or water blending ceremony

An alternative to the candle-lighting ceremony is the sand ceremony. The couple will each have a container of sand that they’ll pour into one glass to signify the combining of the sand that can never be divided again. 

The couple can also substitute sand with colored water. It can be dyed with a color that has a particular meaning, which will be poured on a container with a bit of bleached water to turn them clear and symbolize purity. 


Knot-tying or lasso ceremony

A famous unity ceremony is when the couple’s hands are bound together by a knot at weddings. This is also called the handfasting ceremony to symbolize their union. 

There is also a somewhat similar tradition in some countries called the lasso ceremony. This rope is placed over the bride and groom to symbolize being together as one.  



And that’s it! To recap what religion washes feet at wedding, it is practiced in Christian weddings. 

Similar to when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, the bride and groom wash each other’s feet to symbolize equality and humility. You also promise your love and loyalty to each other while honoring your faith in your wedding ceremony. 

We hope this was helpful; let us know below what tradition you’re curious about at weddings.

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