What To Wear To Wedding Welcome Party

If you’re unsure of what to wear to wedding welcome party, please consider the venue and dress code of the wedding welcome party for the appropriate outfits. We will guide you on what to expect at most welcome parties to know the etiquette.

This guide won’t only help you with the proper welcome party attire but also how to host one if you’re throwing it. And for additional information, read what is a welcome party for a wedding

what to wear to wedding welcome party


Complete Guide On What To Wear To Wedding Welcome Party


Venue of welcome parties

Destination weddings typically are the type that has welcome parties to thank the guests for traveling all the way to the wedding venue. Therefore the appropriate clothes for the guests should match the venue of the welcome party. 

The welcome party can happen close to the wedding reception or at the hotel where the guests are staying. That being said, your wedding attire should not be too glamorous, but you still want to look like you’ve made an effort. 

Think of cocktail attire or semi-formal for an indoor welcome party. You should also check the invitation as it might be outdoor, or the couple may have a theme for the welcome party and get the most out of the destination. 

For example, it might be a beach welcome party, so the couple wants an island theme. There might even be activities like games and tours at the welcome party to get the most out of your travel, so wear something comfortable and appropriate.


Wedding dress code for the welcome party

The wedding welcome party is usually semi-formal, especially those held in restaurants for a quick dinner to catch up with everyone. That being said, female guests can consider a cocktail dress or dressy jumpsuit, while male guests can go for a jacket and nice shirt instead of a suit.

You may even find that the welcome party is a casual affair, primarily if it’s held in a backyard. However, you still want to practice modesty. 

Avoid revealing clothes or workout outfits. Instead, dark plain jeans with a long-sleeved shirt for men or an airy maxi dress for women should be comfortable but still suits the casual theme. 

While it’s not common, the wedding welcome party can also be a formal event. Therefore, your outfits can be similar to what you’ll wear to a formal evening party where dark suits and dresses are expected.


Can You Wear White To A Wedding Welcome Party?

We all know that wearing white to weddings is a no-no as it’s a color reserved for the bride. As a result, wearing white attire for the welcome party is also risky for the guests. 

However, there are usually no color restrictions at the welcome party as it’s similar to other pre-wedding celebrations. Instead, it’s done to thank everyone for coming, especially at a destination wedding, so the focus is not as concentrated on the bride and groom. 

Compared to the bachelorette party or bridal shower where the bride is supposed to get all the attention, it’s possible to wear white to a welcome party for the guests. But when unsure, you can always ask her yourself about what color she’ll wear to the welcome party. 


What color outfits for a wedding welcome party?

Wedding welcome party outfits usually have a semi-formal dress code, or you can check the invitation and wedding website for a more in-depth attire guide. Therefore, the colors usually worn by guests at the welcome party are dark colors as it’s held in the evening. 

Neutrals and prints are also usually welcome. And for some wedding welcome parties with themes, you may get away with wearing bright colors.


How Do You Host A Welcome Party?

The groom’s family is usually hosting a wedding welcome party. It can also be planned together with the bride’s family, or the couple themselves can throw the welcome party:

  • Assign a welcome party theme and dress code
  • Set the welcome party the night before the wedding or two nights before the wedding
  • Schedule the welcome party during dinner and send the invitations on time
  • Have the welcome party somewhere close to the wedding venue or where the guests are staying
  • Plan a menu according to the budget and number of guests
  • Seat guests banquet-style for a more inclusive welcome party
  • Offer drinks and cocktails
  • Dedicate toasts and speeches
  • Set time for mingling and having fun


How Do You Welcome A Wedding Guest Idea?


Tour around the destination

You can create an itinerary and go around the area with your guests to welcome them. Then, provide a goodie bag to each guest with souvenirs related to your location.


Provide a breakfast 

The advantage of a breakfast welcome party is that the guests can rest well after their trip to prepare for tomorrow’s wedding. You can also have the rehearsal dinner later in the day. 


Have a welcome dinner

You can merge the rehearsal dinner and welcome dinner if you lack the time. And for small weddings where the couple prefers to have an intimate celebration, the perfect way to welcome guests is with dinner. 

If you’re curious about the other pre-wedding celebrations, here are what parties to have before a wedding



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to wedding welcome party, it will depend on the venue and dress code. 

Usually, welcome parties are dinners in semi-formal attire. Therefore, you can wear cocktail dresses or dressy jackets and shirts as everyone mingles before the big day tomorrow. 

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