What Lengths Do Shower Curtains Come In? In 2 Easy Steps!

One of the most important elements that have to be present in every bathroom is the shower curtain, but what lengths do shower curtains come in?

In this post, you are about to find out about shower curtain lengths and any other details related to them.

what lengths do shower curtains come in

You’ll know the importance of having this at home.


Shower Curtains: Why You Need This?

Shower curtains are not only functional, but they can also be a decorative element that will improve your boring space.

It will provide you the privacy that you need when taking a bath and keep the floors dry. All while improving your bathroom’s overall look.

This the quickest and easiest method in updating the décor of your bathroom.

I’m sure you already know that decorating a bathroom can be hard, but the correct shower curtain will produce a great difference in space.

The shower curtain types present in the market are unlimited whether you like to keep your bathroom classy, chic, stylish, or simple.

Shower curtains are available in various patterns, styles, and colors that can fit any of your home décors.

So choosing one can be very challenging, especially when you want to be practical and decorative at the same time.

The reason why your bathroom might be looking outdated and dirty is the old shower curtain hanging there.

So it is necessary for you to frequently spruce your bathroom up with a stylish and new shower curtain.

Now when you are to buy a new one, the most important considerations are the fabric type, style, and dimension.

You needed to ensure that you will get the right length.


What Lengths Shower Curtains Come In?

When buying shower curtains, the most common options you will encounter are 70 and 72 inches long.

But some are longer than this. They are what the seller usually called specialty curtains.

Below are the dimensions of specialty shower curtain lengths.

  • 84 inches long for extra high showers
  • 78 inches for shower stalls

What’s good about getting shower curtains is that a totally accurate fit is not necessarily needed.

Even though people typically get the regular size for their shower type, getting a few inches longer or shorter may not be that bad.

But of course, a shower curtain that is dragging too low onto your floor is not ideal.


Step In Measuring For Your Shower Curtain

In most cases, you won’t be able to get a shower curtain with measurements that are exactly matched to the measurement of your shower.

So rather than finding the exact right match, you can focus on other factors when getting the appropriate measurement.


Step #1. Measuring the width of the shower

You may start by getting the width of the shower.

Measure starting from one wall to another. Get the measurements in inches because that’s how shower curtain lengths come in.

Remember that the shower curtain must be wider than the shower itself. This is to ensure that some fold will form when you hang them.

When you close your shower curtains, they must not be fully taut.

To avoid that from happening, you need to add twelve inches more to the shower’s width than you just measured.

This extra foot can make a huge difference in achieving the optimal look.


Step #2. Measuring the height of the shower

The next thing that your shower does is to find out how tall your shower is.

It would help if you did not start from the ceiling towards the floor because your shower curtain will not hang from there.

Instead, start from the shower rod towards the floor, after getting that measurement, minus about eight to ten inches for the curtain rings.

A lot of shower curtain rods are designed so that you are allowed to adjust the height.

So if your shower curtain will not match the size of the shower, lower or raise the rod accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Other than “what lengths do shower curtains come in?” for sure, you have a lot more questions in mind regarding shower curtains.

We will have to answer a few of them in this section.


Question #1. Do shower curtains come in the same lengths?

As stated earlier, a standard shower curtain measures 72 inches long.

But some options can extend up to 84 inches long.

Some do not vary too much in length, but they do in width.


Question #2. Are there shower curtains longer than 72 inches?

Yes, a shower curtain can go up to 96 inches.


Question #3. What size can be considered a long curtain?

A shower curtain that measures 70 by 72 inches can already be considered long.

Any size longer than this are extra-long shower curtains.


It’s A Wrap!

So there you have it, folks!

You now have the idea as to what lengths do shower curtains come in.

It begins with the size; then, you can work all the way out from that point.

Getting the right shower curtain that will complement the space shouldn’t be much of a hassle.