How To Hang Curtains From A Slanted Ceiling? 8 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to hang curtains from a slanted ceiling?

Okay then, let us help you answer your question because we will gladly do this to help you.

how to hang curtains from a slanted ceiling

Curtains are essential in one’s home.

Actually, without it, the house would look plain and off.

It carries out a good look to the room, and it also gives protection to you against the sunlight and gives you off privacy.

Bet you can’t imagine living in a house without curtains. But how can you hang one if your ceiling happens to be slanted?

Do not think that you can’t install curtains because you definitely can.

Trust the process. We will get there.

You can always find ways to solve your problem, and having a slanted ceiling won’t stop you from hanging a curtain.


Steps To Hang Curtains From A Slanted Ceiling

Hanging curtains is no longer new for people, but sometimes it might be hard to do, especially when the ceiling is not even.

Slanted ceilings are not that famous, but then people might like the look of it. That is why hanging curtains along might be a challenge.

With proper knowledge and having a good guide, you can help you out on how you should do such a thing.

So, how to hang curtains from a slanted ceiling?

Here are some steps to follow on how you should hang your curtains having a slanted ceiling.


Step #1. Measure the dimensions

The first thing you will need to do is measure a line crossing your soffit or light beam.

But you have to consider having the right amount of room for hooks that will help you split up the curtain’s tab over.

Depending on your hardware, is the distance from your ceiling down to it.

You can use a pencil in marking them lightly, but you must find the central points.


Step #2. Measure some distance

You will need to measure the floor distance from the lowest and highest points of your line. Make sure that you do it right.

Then you decide whether how much ease you would want to see in your curtains upon pulling them across your windows.


Step #3. Pin the width

It would be best if you pinned the width.

But, make sure to leave some allowance for some folds to come out when you pull your curtains across.

And that is for a purpose that when you draw back the drape, the subtle gathers make it easier to handle.


Step #4. Put a mark

You then need to mark the fabric for your curtain.

It ensures that one of its ends will be the tallest stretch from the floor to the curtain hook.

And such whereas the opposite end is the shortest.

You should leave some extra fabric at least 6 inches.

And you will apply that along the straight end. That for hemming purposes.


Step #5. Cutting your fabric

In this step, you will need to cut out your fabrics following the lining for your curtains if you would want to have one.

It would help if you hemmed your curtains on their sides and bottom area.

Then mark the points where your tabs will coincide.

That would happen with the hooks or knob you have along the end, which is slanted.

On the slanted top of it, you should also hem it.

And right on the marked points, you should sew some tab tops.


Step #6. Screw up

You will be screwing a drapery tie-back knobs but pick one that is decorative.

Do this in all the points marked along that pencil line you made that is also slanted.

You can opt to use some anchors made for the wall for your screws along the soffit, and you can use the wood screws for ceiling beams made of wood.


Step #7. Deepness of drape

Now, you would want to determine how deep you would your drape to be, and it would help if you did this rightly.

It will affect the window’s height when you pull it back, so better mark it to know that it is for the tie-back on the wall.

Again find a tie-back knob that is decorative and good-looking.

Place this tool right on the area where you marked it.


Step #8. Hang the curtains

And now we are down to the last step, where you can finally hang your curtains on the wall by the tabs you see in the slanted line.

You can shake it, making sure that it falls nicely and gracefully.

By pulling it back, you will see the windows revealed.

You can have a decorative tassel tie-back to match it and attach it to your tie-back know to secure your curtains.

Just release it from the side to close the curtains and have a shade for your room.

And you’re done!

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