How To Make Curtains YouTube? 9 Easy Steps!

Do you ever wonder how to make curtains YouTube? It’s simple; you have to go through the steps I will teach you below.

Yes, DIY is the least expensive way of brightening up your window while keeping the light out.

how to make curtains YouTube

If you make your own curtains, you can choose your desired fabric, length, and style.

If you post it on YouTube, I’m sure you can help others in need; you know how it feels to be clueless, right?

Without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Make Curtains YouTube

There are different steps on how to make curtains YouTube.

Follow the steps below:


Step #1. Measuring

First off, you need to measure the window to determine the length and width of curtains you’ll make.

Also, measure the curtain’s length where you desire it to fall on the wall or window.

Furthermore, divide the curtain’s width in half.

Add such measurement to the curtain’s width; this will give the folds of your curtains when they’re closed.


Step #2. Choosing the fabric

There are many kinds of fabrics that you can choose from.

In this step, we’ll depend upon your discretion.

Choose something that will suit your taste and need.

Opt for heavier fabrics if you want a darker and cooler room; this kind is great for filtering lights out of your room.

If you want to let the warmth and natural light enter your room, lighter fabrics are the best option!

It would help if you also took note of this:

Add another length for the seams.


Step #3. Cutting the panels

Get your scissors or cutter.

Trim the fabric you’ve opted for according to your desired size.

In case you want several panels, add fabric with a width of more than 2 inches. Do so in every panel.

For the seams, you should add another 2 inches of length.

After which, the number of panels shall be divided into the total width.

Now, cut the fabric according to the resulting width.


Step #4. Folding and pinning

For the seam, make sure to allocate 1 inch on the side of the fabric.

It’s time to crease on the panel’s side.

Then, fold it to the wrong side. Put the pins about an inch apart down the crease.

Do the same process on every side of the panels, from top to bottom.


Step #5. Ironing the seams

You should iron the seams to create the fabric.

Make sure to turn the setting to the lowest.

Press the iron along every seam; do so for about five to 10 seconds.

In this way, you can make a crease that will aid you in placing the fabric tape.


Step #6. Removing the pins

To press the fabric tape between the panel and seam, it’s time for you to remove the pins.

Do this process carefully as possible.

Repeat the process in each seam, from top to bottom, side to side.


Step #7. Placing a damp towel on the seam and ironing

Look at the direction of the tape.

Then set your iron to the appropriate temperature.

Put a damp towel above the seam; iron it for about 10 seconds.

From the moment you’re done with most of the seams, the may find the fabric overlapping in the sides.

Don’t worry about this; it’s normal!

All you have to do is to trim it so the fabric won’t get thicker on the panel’s sides.


Step #8. Clipping the rings

Now, it’s time to position the rings along the top seam.

To ensure that the panels appear identical, each panel should have the same number of rings.

Here’s a tip:

If you’ve opted for a patterned fabric, the pattern itself should face the correct direction. Ensure this process before you should set the rings in place.

If you want a purposeful and classier look, you should complement the ring clips to your curtain rod.

That means that you have color options for your clips.


Step #9. Sliding the rings in the rod

Now, you can hang your curtains onto the rod.

Put the rings in place to the curtain rod.

Once you’ve positioned the rings properly, the panels will appear to have an accordion-like shape.

Then, adjust your curtains according to your taste.

Well, you can iron them first before you should hang your curtains.

Other people steam their curtains first. It helps in releasing creases and wrinkles in the fabric.

In this process, however, you should make sure to avoid the seams.

Otherwise, the heat will result in splitting or curling; and you don’t want that to happen, right?


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’re already aware of how to make curtains YouTube.

The steps are very simple to execute.

You just have to follow them religiously for best results.

Don’t forget to record how you’ve done each step.

And upload the video to YouTube.

I’m sure everyone needs to know this, and it’s in you to spread the words.

Thank you so much for trusting me. I hope it’s all clear to you.

Have a terrific day, my friends. Start now!