What Kind Of Fabric To Use For Curtains? 7 Best Choices!

Do you know what kind of fabric to use for curtains?

When you plan to dress your window again and consult an in-home style consultant, she will probably bring you over 2000 fabric samples. 

what kind of fabric to use for curtains

With that many choices, it is even harder for you to choose which one you should have. 

You will have to choose from an array of patterns, colors, and textures. From these fabric elements alone, it will take a lot of thinking. 

But you also need to decide on the type of fabric that you would want for your curtains. 

Each fabric type brings along its own benefits.

Much more, their best uses depend on their weight, durability, texture, light exposing or blocking qualities. 

It will also be based on its resistance to sun fading.

But if you are to ask me the best curtain fabric types, then it would include voile, lace, rayon, acrylic, velvet, polyester, linen, silk, brocade, and cotton. 

As you might have realized, these also are the most commonly used fabric for curtains. 

That is because the manufacturers have also realized that these are the best. But it doesn’t mean that you will only choose from this list.

You may also try to explore other fabric types for your curtains. 


Kind Of Fabric To Use For Curtains

Below is the list of the most common fabrics used in making curtains.

What kind of fabric to use for curtains?

You may choose from any of them or explore other fabrics


#1. Cotton

This type of fabric is very versatile. It can be used to accomplish a variety of styles. 

Cotton can offer a clean and crisp feel that will suit both modern and traditional styles

Since it is very light, cotton requires to be lined properly for them to be able to fall as desired when you hang them. 

Perhaps, you intend to block the natural light coming to your room; you have to select cotton that is weave tightly or lined properly. 


#2. Silk

Nothing can speak loudly about luxury without saying anything other than silk. 

However, I have to warn you this.

Silk is best picked for aesthetics purposes rather than functionality. 

This fabric type is a bit heavy, so it usually drapes very well.

It would look absolutely romantic in formal spaces such as in your dining or even in your bedroom. 

But then again, using silk may not be the most practical choice.

It can be very susceptible to damages brought about by the sun. It also requires dry cleaning only. 

If your room is exposed to too much sunlight, it would be best to protect them with blinds underneath.

You might as well line it with a light-colored panel. 

But if you want a durable option while achieving the same look, you can get those polyester fabrics. That looks like silk. 


#3. Linen

Linen is a type of fabric that is made of natural fiber.

It can produce a billowy look, thereby creating a casual, airy, and relaxed environment. 

In case you are looking for a curtain fabric that will be pooling onto the floor, then linen is an excellent choice to achieve it. 


#4. Polyester

The most popular choice for curtain fabric is polyester.

It is easy to maintain, affordable, and durable. 

Not only that, but polyester also does not shrink, stretch, or wrinkle.

You can use this for your living areas and bedroom but not in your kitchen. 

That is because this fabric is flammable. It also does not let good airflow. 


#5. Velvet

Velvet can either be made of synthetic or natural fibers.

You should pick this if you want to add richness and glamour to your room. 

It’s heavy and thick so it can do great in blocking light, air, and sound. 


#5. Acrylic

This fabric has the same textures as wool; it is lightweight, so it also drapes well.

Furthermore, it can offer excellent insulation. 

It can also attract and disperse any moisture.

Not only that, but they are also hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew and mold. 


#6. Lace

Curtains made of lace are very romantic and traditional.

They are best used in diffusing natural light and in providing privacy. 

They commonly come in neutral shades, so it is easy to coordinate them with other colors in the room. 


#7. Voile

This is a crisp and open weave fabric that is used for sheers.

It drapes and gathers wonderfully when hanged, producing an airy and light ambiance. 


It’s A Wrap!

What kind of fabric to use for curtains?

I know it can be overwhelming given the numerous choices in front of you. 

What you can do is to hold a sample to your window and find out how does it filter light. 

When choosing, you have to consider the mood of your room, whether it is quiet, comfortable, casual, or formal. 

After you have decided on the fabric type, you can then proceed to colors and patterns. 

Bright rooms require light-colored curtains because the darker ones will eventually fade. 

Whereas plain fabrics can be used to dress up those decorative rods. 

Besides these, a lot has to be considered, but your in-home consultant is there to help.

You may get advice from them and consider their suggestions.