Where To Buy Extra Long Curtains? 4 Best Online Sources!

Do you know where to buy extra long curtains?

Even the standard curtains that can fit your window size and complement your interior décor are hard to find.

where to buy extra long curtains

What more for extra long curtains. More importantly, the quality ones.

Fortunately, some manufacturers are wise enough for recognizing that there is a substantial market for them.

However, a lot of buyers often make costly mistakes when buying curtains online.

First of all, you wouldn’t want to choose the incorrect fabric that appears extremely beautiful on the samples but looks utterly different on your windows.

More so, if you acquire a curtain with incorrect width, then it would be useless.

I am trying to say that you need to think carefully before making a purchase, especially online.

It is good that you are here with me today.

Read until the end of this post first before spending your money.

I will be providing some online shopping sources for extra long curtains.

But first, here are some questions that you can reflect on before buying:

#1. How will the curtain look from the outside?

#2. Would it be easy sliding them along the pole?

#3. Are the curtains wide enough for opening and closing?

#4. Is there a thick lining that can enhance the look?


Tips To Remember Where To Buy An Extra Long Curtain

It would be best to get full and luxurious curtains that can be easily opened and closed.

The curtains must maintain some folds that look soft when you close them for privacy.

You might as well get curtains with a length that is a bit longer than needed to form a break onto the floor, thereby attaining a more traditional appearance.

However, if you have pets or kids at home, make sure to leave an inch gap between the drapes and the floor to be easier for you to clean.

In case you want your curtains to have some folds when closed, you will need to get a curtain with at least twice the width of your window.

You have to remember that an extra-long curtain takes much visual space so you need to be very careful in choosing a pattern.

A curtain lining can help in providing a richer and more elegant look.

But if you do not want to have some lining, it is best to pick a heavier fabric like velvet.

That is because light will not be able to pass through in such fabric.


Where Can You Buy Extra Long Curtains?

Where to buy extra long curtains?

Only a few sources offer quality long curtains; below are some of them:


#1. Regal drapes

This online store markets custom-made drapes.

You can get drapes of any size from Regal Drapes.

The store guarantees a speedy turnaround time.

Typically, three up to seven days or even less.

You can pick from twelve styles for the header.

When it comes to designer fabrics, you may choose from over 1000 options.

All of their curtains are locally made.

They also hang and test their curtains before shipping them to you.

You may order yourself, but it would be good to consult a designer for advice in patterns and colors.


#2. Eastern accents

This is the source that designers often go to.

They offer a lot of options for coordinating designs of drapes, pillows, and beddings.

Their customer service is as good as the quality of their products.

You won’t be disappointed with Eastern Accents.

An example of their product is the sheer curtain that comes in six livable and pretty shades.

You may also choose from three designs.

This is under the Ambiance Trevira product line.

With the unique fabric used for these sheer curtains, you are allowed to machine wash them.

They are also flame-retardant in nature. They are extra-wide and available in four standard lengths.

You may also choose to get a custom-sized panel.

You can accentuate these sheer curtains to your pinch pleat curtains.

But they can also work with box pleated curtains. Such curtain type can provide an elegantly tailored look.

This is the right choice if you are after a formal look.


#3. Emdee international

In this online source, you will need a designer who will place the order for you because Emdee International only works with trade.

They offer a lot of options such as the Belgian Lines drapes for example (one of my favorites).

You may also choose to have custom or semi-custom-made drapes.

You can choose from the different header options.

Box pleat, inverted pleat, and pinch pleat curtains are also available in different designs.


#4. Curtain works

Last but definitely not the least is the Curtain Works that offers regular length curtains and extra-long ones.

This online store has good reviews, so you can easily trust them. Their curtains are available in various pleat styles, and you can get them at reasonable prices.

The maximum length that they offer measures 144 inches long.


It’s A Wrap!

These sources are only a few from many other sources where to buy extra long curtains.

I hope I have helped you with your dilemma for today.

Stay safe!