How Long Does It Take To Get A Mattress Delivered

The answer to how long does it take to get a mattress delivered can range from days, weeks, or even a whole month. Some brands ship right away, while others might take longer. You also have to consider your location. 

We also recommend that you know which online mattress is best. Getting your bed from a reliable online mattress brand should ensure a fantastic delivery experience. 

how long does it take to get a mattress delivered


How Quickly Can A Mattress Be Delivered?

Different brands will vary in how quickly they can deliver the mattress after ordering. For example, those who live in New York can experience as early as same day or next day delivery if you know where to buy a mattress in NYC. Furthermore, your location and the availability of the brand’s warehouse closest to you will, of course, affect the delivery waiting time. 

In general, mattresses can take five days, two weeks, or even up to 21 days to a month to get delivered. Even if the manufacturer processes the shipping as soon as you ordered, delays can still happen as your mattress travels to your area. This is why it’s always advantageous to check the shipping and delivery policies of the mattress store.


Is It Worth It To Get A Mattress Delivered?

It is worth it to get a mattress delivered because you are saving time, effort, and even gas money since you don’t need to leave the house to buy what you need. You can easily select among your chosen mattress store models and then get it delivered after just a few clicks. Here is what you’ll typically go through when getting a mattress delivered:

  1. Schedule your delivery or select a delivery window that would work best for you. Remember that most mattress brands won’t leave the bed if no adult is present to receive it. The good news is that there are companies so flexible that they offer nighttime or weekend deliveries. 
  2. After confirming a delivery schedule, some mattress brands have various delivery packages to choose from. You may want your bed to be set up for you, have your old mattress removed, or would rather have a contactless delivery.
  3. You can then track your mattress, and all you have to do is wait for the confirmation of the logistics. Always have your lines open, so the delivery personnel can immediately contact you. Among the most common ways that mattress companies deliver their products is with UPS

Why Do Beds Take So Long To Deliver?

Some mattresses are made to order

Some mattress companies offer beds that will only be made after you place the order. Therefore, your mattress will take longer than with brands that have the model readily available in their warehouse. The materials might also be under a shortage, which will extend the waiting time for the mattress to be finished.

Limitations in staff and personnel

Sometimes the demand for the mattress is so high that companies can’t keep up with the orders. Nowadays, online furniture buying is more common because of the pandemic, but some companies may still limit the staff they allow for specific periods. This is also applicable to the shipping company that will bring the bed to your location.

Logistic issues

Many variables can affect your waiting time for the mattress delivery, including those caused by unexpected events from bad weather, accidents, or even issues on shipments. You can also expect changes in delivery services due to Covid-19


Can You Buy A Mattress And Take It Home The Same Day?

It’s possible to buy a mattress and take it home immediately after. If you ordered a bed online and your location is ideal, the company might also be able to deliver it on the same day as long as you made it to their required schedule. The significant factor that you must check if you want to bring home the mattress immediately after buying it is that it’s readily available at the store. 


How Do Mattresses Get Delivered?

Mattresses are delivered in various ways, depending on what the buyer selected. For example, they can have the bed set up by staff to install it in the bedroom. However, some people don’t want the extra fees for this service or prefer a contactless delivery, making bed-in-box more common. 


What is the point of a bed in a box?

The point of bed in a box is to allow the receiver to bring the box into their bedroom with ease. The smaller item is much easier to maneuver around the house after delivery, and the manufacturer can save on shipping costs compared to transporting a mattress in its proper form. They use a compression technology that makes the bed small enough to be rolled into a box or package. 



And that’s it! The answer on how long does it take to get a mattress delivered will vary according to various factors. It can be as quick as the same day, but it can also take 21 days or longer. 

As long as the bed is readily available in the store or warehouse, it will get delivered quicker. We hope this article helped you learn a lot about mattress delivery, and feel free to leave any questions below if you still have any. 

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