Sewing 101: What Is The Average Size Of A Baby Blanket

Baby blankets come in different sizes to cater to various needs. If you’re a new parent, you might be wondering: what is the average size of a baby blanket?

Before that, though, why should we know about baby blankets? Baby blankets are valuable pieces of fabric that provide your baby with many things. 

what is the average size of a baby blanket

First and foremost, they keep babies warm. Next, they help keep babies safe. They can also keep babies entertained.

Lastly, your child can see a blanket as a safe space. 


What Is The Average Size Of A Baby Blanket?

It is hard to designate just one standard size for all baby blankets. Baby blankets usually come in different sizes according to their use. 

However, the baby blanket sizes are generally around 18 to 40 inches in width and 18 to 60 inches in length, depending on the type.


What Are The Kinds of Baby Blankets?

Baby blankets are categorized according to their purpose. The most common uses of baby blankets are swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, crib blankets, and multi-use blankets.

Each type has a corresponding size or range of sizes appropriate for its purpose.


Swaddle blanket

The first one is the swaddle blanket. These blankets are used for swaddling or the act of wrapping a baby in a blanket.

Some pediatricians recommend this blanket for newborns. They are said to mimic the feeling of being in the womb, so it helps babies get used to the outside world.

Aside from this, swaddling blankets help keep newborns warm while their bodies can’t produce warmth for themselves yet.

Lastly, swaddling blankets help babies sleep through the night because it deals with their startle reflex.

The usual size of these blankets is 48 x 48 inches, but they also come in many different sizes.


Receiving blanket

The second kind of baby blanket is the receiving blanket. This blanket is usually thin.

Aside from being thin, the receiving blanket is also usually small. The standard size for this blanket is about 18 x 18 inches to 36 x 36 inches.

Since babies can grow very quickly, they usually grow out of these blankets fast. Still, a lot of parents prefer to keep them as security blankets for their children.

Generally, they are used for a lot of things, especially during early infancy. They are typically used for swaddling, burping, and other similar activities.


Crib blanket

As the name suggests, crib blankets are blankets used inside a baby’s crib. However, parents are usually advised to stave off loose fabrics on a baby’s crib until their child is at least one year old.

This is recommended for safety reasons because babies can get caught in them and suffer from injuries.

Crib blankets are generally 40 x 60 inches in size, but a slight variation is allowed. Crib blankets are supposed to be big enough to cover a toddler, and ultimately, a toddler’s bed. 

Since crib blankets are designed for younger children, it is essential to keep loose threads or buttons away from their curious hands.


Multi-use blanket

Babies can use multi-use blankets for a variety of reasons. Children can use them as security blankets or “lovey” blankets. 

Parents also like to use these blankets for traveling. They can be used as stroller blankets or car seat covers during the colder seasons.

If they’re thick enough, multi-use blankets can also be used as an activity blanket for your young one. They should provide enough cushion to prevent any injuries and enough space for your baby to crawl and play comfortably.

These blankets can measure 30 x 40 inches.


What Is The Best Crochet Stitch For A Baby Blanket?

Baby blankets are a thoughtful and practical gift to any new parents. If you’d like to add another layer of thoughtfulness to your present, making your baby blanket from scratch might be the route for you.

There are many different ways you can make a baby blanket. A popular method is through crochet.

Here are a few handy stitches you can try while making a baby blanket:

  • Cross-over block stitch. This stitch is a combination of three foundational crochet stitches: chain, single crochet, and double crochet.
  • Wattle stitch. This stitch creates a fun and unique texture that babies and parents are sure to adore.
  • Star stitch. This stitch takes its name from the starburst pattern you will form from this stitch.
  • Blanket stitch. This stitch makes use of one single crochet stitch and two double crochet stitches. It yields a simple but lovely blanket.
  • Bobble stitch. This easy stitch uses the double stitch. It creates a playful texture that any baby will surely enjoy.



Not only did we learn the different types of baby blankets (swaddle, receiving, crib, and multi-use), we also got to find out what is the average size of a baby blanket!

Aside from this, we also found out what stitches work best for crocheting your baby blanket. You can now make a baby blanket, whether as a gift to new parents or for your child.