How Big Should A Crochet Baby Blanket Be

If you wonder how big should a crochet baby blanket be, the sizes range from 12 by 12 inches to 48 by 48 inches. We will talk about the sizes you can try and which baby blankets are the biggest or smallest. But how long will it take to finish a crochet baby blanket?

We have written an estimation guide so you can know what to expect with this project. So without further ado, let’s choose your baby blanket to crochet!

How Big Should A Crochet Baby Blanket Be


What Is The Size Of A Crochet Baby Blanket?

When you’re looking for what size baby blanket to crochet, you can make something as small as 12 by 12 inches or go with a bigger square with dimensions of 48 by 48 inches. There are different types of baby blankets, which means there is no actual size for how big a crochet baby blanket should be. And while most crochet baby blankets are square, some blankets are also rectangular. 


Types of crochet baby blankets and their sizes


Lovey, security, and preemie blankets

The smallest baby blanket you can crochet is the lovey blanket measuring 12 by 12 inches. There is also the security blanket, which is 16 inches square, and the slightly bigger preemie blanket at 20 inches square. Did you know that there are also cradle and stroller blankets?


Cradle, stroller, receiving, swaddle, and crib blankets

You can crochet a cradle blanket measuring 20 by 32 inches and a stroller blanket at 30 by 36 inches. For receiving and swaddle blankets, they measure 40 inches square and 48 inches square, respectively. And finally, crib blankets can be as big as 40 by 60 inches. 


What Is The Best Size For A Baby Blanket?

Baby blankets come in different sizes, but they are not standardized, so it’s normal to see deviations in the dimensions. But if you want to crochet a baby blanket, a 36 inches square project would be comfortable, and the resulting blanket will be versatile for use. It’s the middle ground between the sizes discussed, and you can use it for different tasks, whether as a security blanket, stroller blanket, cradle blanket, swaddle blanket, or a go-to blanket for clean-ups. 


What kind of blankets do babies need?

Some blankets that babies need include the swaddle blanket, receiving blanket, and crib blanket. However, you don’t have to get all types because some receiving blankets can be used for swaddling and vice versa. Additionally, be mindful of using blankets in the crib because the sleeping surface of a baby under 12 months old should be bare. 


What Is The Best Crochet Stitch For A Baby Blanket?

When crocheting a baby blanket, you can use the classic and easiest stitches like the basic single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, or the double crochet stitch. Those who are new to making a crochet baby blanket or working on an oversized blanket should feel comfortable with these basic crochet stitches. 

However, you can also use the blanket stitch, corner to corner stitch, chevron stitch, and moss stitch, depending on your desired look. There should be an array of baby blanket patterns that use these stitches for you to choose from. But what hook would be best for a baby blanket?


What Size Crochet Hook Is Best For A Baby Blanket?

The US size H-8 crochet hook is versatile for different kinds of baby blankets. However, remember that the yarn you’ll use for the blanket will dictate the hook you must use. The crochet hook size must compliment the yarn weight and the stitch sizes of the blanket you’ll make. 


What is the best yarn to use for a baby blanket?

The yarn weight for a baby blanket will depend on the blanket type and pattern, but you can expect super fine, medium, and bulky yarns for baby blankets. Moreover, the material should be gentle against a baby’s skin but still durable enough to withstand several washes. With these factors in mind, the best yarn for crocheting a baby blanket can either be acrylic, polyester, or cotton

Synthetic yarns like acrylic and polyester are great for crochet baby blankets because they hold up against washes. They are also washing machine-safe for your convenience. And while they are soft to touch, you can also use something more breathable and light, like cotton yarn. 


How much yarn do I need to make a baby blanket?

The amount of yarn to make a blanket is easy to estimate once you have the blanket dimensions and stitches you’ll use. But to give you a quick number, a baby blanket can use anywhere from 3 to 7 skeins or 700 to 1,500 yards of yarn. However, you must remember that the yarn type is also influential to how much you will need for the crochet baby blanket. 



Are you planning on crocheting a baby blanket? Then it can be confusing to know how big should a crochet baby blanket be! In this comprehensive size guide for crochet baby blankets, you have learned that you can make a blanket as small as 12 inches square or as big as 48 inches square. 

More so, there are rectangular baby blankets that are bigger in dimensions. A good and versatile size for making a baby blanket is 36 inches square, especially for those new to crocheting. Which of these sizes will you make? 

Let us know below!