How To Make A Car Seat Blanket For Max Comfort: 6 Easy Steps

Use a sewing machine to help you make a sheet that can comfortably fold over your baby’s body. That is how to make a car seat blanket for babies.


how to make a car seat blanket

Make sure it can be swaddled into three parts, kind of like a burrito wrap, and if you desire, you may even add a hood!


How Big Should Your Blanket Be?

A baby blanket is supposed to keep your baby warm on a cold winter’s day, so it should be able to comfortably cover your little one.


You will need a square cloth that is 45 by 45 inches, which is the perfect size to swaddle around your little one. 


The corners should be rounded so that they can fit into your car seat easily. You can draw this pattern on your fabric when you have it ready. 


How Much Fabric Do You Need?

This project involves so much folding and cutting that you should have an extra amount of cloth.


Prepare 1 and ¼ yards of material; that should be enough for you to work without worrying that it will run out. 


Some people prefer joining two separate pieces of fabric rather than using one big sheet.


This is common for quilted blankets, so you need to prepare 1 meter of material for each side. 


Who knew a tiny baby needed so much material? 


What Is The Best Type Of Fabric For A Car Seat Blanket?

Is there any particular type of fabric you should use for a car seat blanket?


Well, remember that this sheet will be swaddled around your baby, so it should be made of a material that won’t irritate the skin. 


Popular choices are fleece, flannel, or even Minky fabric. Cotton is also great for your little one’s sensitive skin.


Some parents even put together old scrap fabrics they find at home; just make sure it won’t harm your baby’s skin. 


Step-By-Step Process On How To Make A Car Seat Blanket

There are different blanket types you can customize for your baby. Just remember that the most essential parts of the blanket are the holes for the seat belt. 


This is a guide on how to make a hooded car seat blanket for your little one. It will give protection to the whole body. 


Step#1. Get your materials ready

You will need your fabric, a pen, scissors, thread, a sewing machine, and the car seat to test the size. 


Step#2. Cut the fabric into a perfect square

You may need to trim a few sides to get a perfect square. Once you have it, fold your material in half twice. 


Step#3. Draw curved lines

Use the pen to draw curved corners along the raw edges. Only do it on one side and avoid the folded edges.


When you are finished, cut the shape out. 


Next, open your blanket, fold it in half once more and mark an area five inches from the top.


Use your pen to draw a line and sew along it. This will be the hood. 


Cut off any excess fabric ¼ inch above the sew line. 


Step#4. Mark the holes for the seat belts

This is where you need your car seat. Open the blanket and lay it inside, then mark where the shoulder straps and middle bottom clip should pass. 


Open the blanket and draw a line to connect the shoulder and side marks on either side. Draw a two-inch long horizontal line along the middle for the belt. 


Step#5. Cut the holes

Cut along the lines you marked. A strong fabric like fleece won’t fray or rip when you do this, so don’t worry too much. 


Step#6. Test it out on your car seat

Place the blanket on your car seat and pull the straps through to see if they align.


Ensure the blanket isn’t blocking any of the seat belt straps and enlarge the holes if necessary. 


Now, you’ve checked that everything is secure, you’re done!


You have a comfortable car seat blanket for your little one that will protect him on a winter drive.


Benefits Of This Blanket For Your Baby

You may be thinking, why should you go through all the trouble of making a blanket for your baby’s car seat? Can’t a regular winter coat protect them just fine? 


The problem with using thick clothes is that they won’t allow the seat belts to buckle correctly. In the event of an accident, your baby could be seriously injured. 


Regular blankets can also slide off easily, or your baby may kick them. You will have a hard time constantly securing it to your little one. 


This handmade car seat blanket is designed to work with your car seat. It will keep your baby warm, and the holes allow you to buckle the seat belts properly.


It’s a win-win situation!



This project is something that can be useful for any parent.


When you learn how to make a car seat blanket, you will be able to protect your baby from the cold while making sure he is secure in the car.


Your road trips will be stress-free!