What Is Organic Mattress: Everything To Know

Those who want to know what is organic mattress can read this article that discusses two types. One of them might even surprise you. We’ll also talk about what makes a mattress organic. 

Are you interested in knowing where to buy an organic mattress? Check our list for the best places to check. 

what is organic mattress


What Is An Organic Mattress?

An organic mattress is a mattress that is manufactured without chemicals commonly found in traditional mattresses. Most organic beds even pride themselves on not using any artificial materials but only utilizing natural materials such as wool and cotton. You can also identify two mattress types as organic, considering the following characteristics:


Latex mattress

The number one type and perhaps the most recognized organic mattress is the latex mattress. However, please note that latex mattresses can also either be synthetic or natural. Natural latex beds are organic because they are sourced from rubber trees rather than synthetic latex beds from plastics. 

If you’re curious about specific models, here are the best natural latex mattresses in the market. They all adhered to the Global Organic Latex Standard to ensure that the latex manufacturing process is conscious of human health and the environment. 


Innerspring mattress

The other type of organic mattress that one might find unexpected is the innerspring mattress. This is because some manufacturers can use organic and natural materials for their overall construction. The innerspring bed can be made from organic latex, cotton, wool, and fabrics, and even their coils are from recycled stainless steel. 

It should be easy to find an organic innerspring mattress if you recognize logos and certifications from GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, CertiPUR-US, GREENGUARD Gold, and eco-Institut. You also want to check the other materials in the mattress, such as its fire-retardant layer, that shouldn’t be made from dangerous chemicals. 


What Is The Point Of An Organic Mattress?

The point of buying an organic mattress is the same as why you would buy organic foods. Suppose you can confirm certifications that the mattress is genuinely organic. In that case, you can feel assured that you won’t be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals in the materials or those included during manufacturing. 

In addition, if you are sensitive and allergic, getting an organic mattress will ease your worries against adverse reactions to irritants.


Are green and eco mattresses organic?

Some mattresses labeled eco or green can be organic, but there are no regulations with these terminologies. Likewise, a brand can call a mattress material eco or even mark their bed as green, but no standards ensure it’s free of chemicals. You also want to steer clear from vague statements such as plant-derived materials, as it’s better if the brand is specific with the mattress composition.


What certifications and logos to look for in an organic mattress:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): the organic bed has passed organic and non-toxic standards 
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): the organic latex mattress meets the standards for human health, safety, and environment
  • Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance Certification: the packaging, latex, and wood materials of the organic mattress meets the criteria for environmental, social, and economic protection of ecosystems and workers
  • GREENGUARD Gold: the organic mattress has low chemical emissions to ensure indoor air quality
  • OCS100 Content Standard Certification logo: the organic mattress is tracked from the source to the finished product
  • Sustainable Furnishings Gold Certification logo: the organic mattress is rated well for the use of sustainable materials
  • MadeSafe logo: certifies that the organic mattress has no toxic ingredients or vapors 
  • UL formaldehyde-free logo: certifies that the organic mattress has no formaldehyde
  • PETA Vegan certification logo: certifies that the organic mattress is vegan and met the standard of ethics
  • Green America logo: the company met the standards for the community, consumers, and environment

What Are Organic Mattress Made Of?

Organic mattresses come in different varieties, but the most common material is natural latex. Be sure to check for logos and certifications to ensure that the latex material has passed the standards to be called organic. Other than certified organic latex foam, organic wool, cotton, and textiles can also be found in most organic mattresses. 

Organic mattresses use organic wool for their fire-retardant layer as a replacement for chemically sourced fire retardants. The manufacturer can also opt for bio-based antimicrobial technology instead of using chemicals. And for hybrid innerspring or hybrid beds, the brand will typically use upcycled materials. 

If you want more buying tips regarding this bed type, here is a guide on how to buy an organic mattress


Is An Organic Mattress Better?

An organic mattress is better than a traditional mattress because you won’t be potentially exposing yourself to dangerous toxins and chemicals. Furthermore, you are also helping the environment since these beds are made from sustainable materials, and the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. Perhaps the only drawback with organic beds is that they are not as easy to find and are pricier than synthetic mattresses. 



And that’s it! To recap what is organic mattress or what it means for a mattress to be organic is that the product is made from organic and natural materials. The mattress also has certifications and logos to prove that it passed the standards and tests regarding quality, safety, and sustainability. 

We hope you learned a lot from this article. Let us know in the comments if you have more questions. 

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