When Do You Open Wedding Gifts: 3 Best Times

The answer to when do you open wedding gifts is not definite as there are many factors to consider. However, here are three instances to help you know when it’s appropriate to do so. 

We also recommend reading about when to register for wedding gifts. You can always benefit from knowing these things to follow good etiquette and help your guests know when to give their gifts. 

when do you open wedding gifts


When Is The Best Time To Open Wedding Gifts?



There are times where you can open your wedding gifts immediately. An example of this is when your guest ship the gift to your home. 

Some guests send presents early if they can’t attend the wedding itself. That being said, you don’t need to wait until the wedding day to open your gift.

Opening the gifts you received early will also help you start your thank you notes. This will prevent you from accidentally forgetting the notes, and you’ll also have more time to celebrate with your guests. 


At the reception

Most of your wedding gifts will be given on the day of the wedding itself, and there will even be a table where your guests can leave their packages and greeting cards. Therefore, it’s tradition to open wedding gifts at the reception as well.

However, this is more fitting for a small wedding where you only have your close friends and family as the guests. If you decide to open your wedding gifts at the reception, you can do it after the cake cutting. 

But if you have a bigger wedding, it’s best to open the gifts after the wedding instead, so you’ll have more time to have fun with the guests. Also, remember that the time in the reception can still involve many events, and everyone would rather mingle than sitting around as you open your gifts. 


After the honeymoon

The most common time to open wedding gifts is after the honeymoon. The couple would be done with everything, and they won’t take time off at the reception, so partying with the guests is not compromised. 

However, to avoid being overwhelmed with the number of unopened gifts, you should open those you received immediately if they’re sent before the wedding. Then, those you received at the reception will be kept by your trusted family or friend so that you can open them after the honeymoon

Just make sure to write your thank-you notes immediately so that you can send them as soon as possible as well. By waiting after the honeymoon to open the wedding gifts, you and your spouse are no longer pressured with tasks and activities, and you can take the time to appreciate what you received. 


Should You Open Wedding Gifts Early?

It was believed that opening wedding gifts before the wedding is bad luck; however, etiquette experts say it’s okay to open your gifts early. This is because you can start on your thank you notes early and avoid having a big pile of gifts. 

Some guests might send their wedding gifts early, so you might as well open them as soon as you receive them. Furthermore, while you can be traditional and open gifts at reception, do not spend most of the time doing this. 

It’s best to spend your time and have fun with the guests rather than treating your nuptial like a birthday party. Also, having viewers as you open gifts might be awkward for the present sender, so you don’t need to open the wedding gifts at the reception. 


Do You Bring The Gift To The Ceremony Or Reception?

You can still bring your wedding gift to the reception, but it’s more common nowadays to have it shipped to the couple’s house. Not only does this eliminate the hassle of bringing a potentially bulky item with you, but it will also be convenient for the couple. 

Another instance where it’s better to have your gift shipped to the couple instead of bringing it to the wedding is in a destination wedding. It will be inconvenient to carry, especially when you’re riding a plane, and you risk having the potentially delicate gift damaged.

But what about monetary gifts? Cash, checks, and gift cards can be brought to the reception as they are easy to carry, even in a small bag. 

Someone usually collects it at the end of the reception, or you can look for the wishing well. Read about what is a wedding wishing well to know more about this box. 


Is It Customary To Open Gifts At A Bridal Shower?

Unlike in the wedding reception, it’s customary for the bride to open her gifts at a bridal shower. This is even part of the event as the guests enjoy the bride’s spontaneous reactions, especially with funny gifts. 



And that’s it! If you’re unsure when do you open wedding gifts, you can do it after the honeymoon. 

However, it’s also best to open them immediately if you receive the gifts before the wedding. Another option is to open the gifts at the end of the reception, but it’s not as common nowadays as couples would rather spend the rest of the evening mingling with guests. 

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