What is Bed Bugs and How to Prevent it on Bassinet?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals while they sleep. Bed bug bites can leave itchy welts or hives, which is how many people who have been bitten by bedbugs first realize they have bedbugs in their homes.

Your baby’s playpen mattress should be cleaned with a mild soap water solution to prevent any possible contact from different types of bacteria, germs and other harmful agents that may trigger allergic reactions especially if your child has a sensitive skin type.



How do I Clean my Bassinet?

Step 1. To properly remove dirt particles adhered onto the surface of our baby play yard mattresses, use a damp cloth to dab off dust buildup without causing any further stains or discolourations as this might hamper the bassinet mattress’ overall structural integrity.

Step 2. Start by removing any excess dirt accumulation on top of your baby playpen mattress then proceed to gently scrub off all visible stains with mild soap water solution until the residue is completely removed from the entire surface area. Finally, rinse thoroughly before wiping dry.


When Should I Put my Baby Down Awake?

Make sure that how long it takes for them to fall asleep on their own without any help from mom, dad, pacifier, bottle or other things such as cuddling with stuffed animals makes sense as well as what age this becomes possible so that everyone gets enough to sleep especially those still working fulltime outside of the home.

If you like to co-sleep this may be harder as your baby grows older and starts rolling over or crawling away from.


Do you Need Mattress Protector for Bedside Crib?

Place the mattress pad on top of your bedside crib’s base where it is required.


Do you need to replace Chicco next to me mattress?

Due to the bassinet’s overall construction, it is highly unlikely that your bedside sleeper’s mattress will need replacement.


What size is the Chicco next to me mattress?

The Chicco mattress is sized at 24.13 inches (L) x 11.81 inches (W) x 0.43 inches (H).


What are the dimensions of Chicco next to me bassinet?

Chicco CloseToYou Bassinets stand at 26″ tall, width-wise it measures 30″, and lengthwise it’s 34″.


How to clean a Chicco bassinet mattress?

The mattress is water-resistant and easy to clean. First, remove the sheet from your baby bassinet bed. Next, wipe down any visible dirt with a cloth or sponge using warm water only. Avoid scrubbing as this will cause damage to both the top cover of the bassinets pad and also make it harder for you to spot stains later on.

Lastly but most importantly, always air-dry before putting back inside Chicco next to my magic bassinet mattress.


How to Clean  Chicco Next to me, Forever Sheets 

Remove the sheet from the bassinet. Place sheets in warm water with a mild detergent and air dry! Wipe down any spills that occur on top of the pad where required before placing them back inside the bedside caddy. You should have a bassinet once again after following these steps!


What are Ways to Wash Chicco next to me magic bassinet mattress instructions? 

You will need: Warm water, mild detergent & Air Dry Instructions: – Remove all bedding and toys from the bassinet.

Push down on one side of the mattress until it is flat then slowly pull up on both sides slightly to release its locking mechanism. Place sheet in warm water with a mild detergent and air dry! Wipe down any spills that occur on top of the pad where required before placing them back inside the bedside caddy. You should have a bassinet once again after following these steps!


How to Clean Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller 

Remove the seat pads and fabric lining to expose how dirty your stroller is – Use a small brush or cloth to scrub away hardened food, dirt, mud etc. from the undercarriage of your stroller – Spray down with water before wiping dry.


How to protect baby from sun in the bassinet

Tuck a blanket around the sides of your baby to protect it from sun exposure. If it’s hot out, swaddle your baby with a lightweight cotton cloth and apply sunscreen before going outdoors or keep them inside in air conditioning.


How do I assemble a halo bassinet?

First, you need to make sure the bassinet is set up how you want it. Next, find all pieces in your box and lay them out on a large clean surface – Make sure there are no nails or sharp objects that will puncture through sheets etc.

After laying everything out how they should be, place two metal bars into each end of the fabric lining- Now cover with a sheet for a mattress pad. Go back over all steps to ensure nothing was missed before using your new halo bassinet!


How to store my UPPAbaby bassinet

For cleaning and storage, use a mild soap and damp cloth. Hand-wash without harsh chemicals or soaking in the bathtub as this may reduce the longevity of your product. Allow to air dry completely before storing.


How to store Chicco Cozy Bassinet?

The mattress is machine washable, but not dryer safe. The mattress must be air-dried completely before storing in the bassinets storage bag or box for best results.

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