Graco Pack n Play Guide: Key Things to Know When Assembling the Play Yard

Assembling a Graco Pack n Play can seem like an intimidating task. There are so many pieces, and the instructions may not be clear enough to understand fully.

But there are some things that you should know before beginning the assembly process, which will make it easier for you! In this blog post, I’ll share key things to know when assembling your Graco Pack n Play.

Graco Pack n Play Guide

Things to Note When Assembling a Graco Pack n Play

#1. The mattress is meant for the baby’s comfort; it should never be used as a sleeping surface when assembling your pack n play with a bassinet!

#2. To avoid suffocation accidents always make sure there are no gaps between the mattress pad and bottom grate on the pack n play floor pan (may not apply if using a sheet).

#3. When putting together the frame, place the round ends into their corresponding slots first then click down firmly until all clips are locked in. Make sure that the clips are properly locked or they will come loose.


How do I wash Chicco next to me magic bassinet mattress?

Essentially this means removing the entire rubberized bottom from the frame of your Chicco next to my bedside sleeper so that can easily access how dirty it may be.

Make sure all pieces are in your box and lay them out on a large clean surface – Make sure there are no nails or sharp objects that will puncture through sheets etc.

After laying everything out how they should be, place two metal bars into each end of the fabric lining- Now cover with a sheet for a mattress pad. Go back over all steps to ensure nothing was missed before using your new halo bassinet!


How do I care for my UPPAbaby bassinet bedding set?

Use mild soap and damp cloth without harsh chemicals or soaking in the bathtub as this may reduce the longevity of your product. Allow to air dry completely before storing.


What are the side effects of too much sun exposure when using a stroller?

The blanket should cover the sides of the baby while out in warm weather months protecting against harmful UV rays if needed due to how hot it is outside. Never allow child unattended near water.


Can a baby sleep overnight in UPPAbaby bassinet?

We recommend that babies do not sleep in a bassinet for more than three to four hours at a time. It is also recommended that they are placed on their back or side, never face down as this could increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


How to assemble UPPAbaby bassinet?

First step: attach canopy arm brackets with provided hardware.

Second step: attach the mattress support bar and tighten thumbscrews.

Third step: snap infant insert into place between two fabric loops which should hold it securely in position during use.

Fourth step: remove safety strap clips so you can lower the mattress platform all the way down if desired before removing your baby from the inside of the bassinet.

Fifth step: attach wheels to bassinet frame.

Sixth step: attach the canopy to uprights by pressing down firmly until the button pops into the hole at top of each upright. Make sure not to pinch your fingers in between!

Seventh step: use UPPAbaby stroller clips (sold separately) to connect the bassinet carriage with its matching stroller chassis, or purchase a bassinet accessory that snaps on easily. You can also create an extra-secure fit using elastic straps for both clip attachments.


How to stop UPPAbaby bassinet from collapsing

Confirm that the bassinet is securely locked into place. If it has not been pushed down all the way, there may be a gap between the mattress and the bottom of the frame. The mattress should fit snugly.


How to keep baby warm in the Bassinet?

Make sure that the baby is wearing a warm blanket. A sheet may not be enough in colder weather because there will still be gaps between the mattress and the bottom of the frame. The best option would use a thicker liner or bumpers.


How to fold Britax Chaperone bassinet

Lay the bassinet on its side, making sure that it is laying flat.

Start at one end of the frame and push down firmly until you hear a click. Do not fold in half because this will cause damage to the bassinet.


How to fold a Chicco portable bassinet

Begin by removing any bedding or toys that are inside of the bassinet. Push down on both sides simultaneously until they snap into place, then lift slightly to release.


How to clean a halo bassinet mattress

First, remove all items from the product and wipe it with warm water using a mild soap if needed. Do not machine wash your product as this can damage it! Air dry before use. You may also spot clean stains with baby wipes- just be sure to air dry afterwards! Always keep your diaper bag stocked with these for quick touch-ups when out & about!


What size is this halo bassinet?

The dimensions for this Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper can be found below: ” H x 28″ L  x 37.25″ W.


What size do sheets fit the Chicco Lullago bassinet?

The Chicco Lullago bassinet sheet size is 30 x 40 inches.

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