How to Clean Chicco Next2Me Bassinet Mattress

Cleaning your Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet mattress is an important part of the baby’s care. How you clean it will depend on how often, and with what type of material your Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet mattress cover is made out of.

Read on for instructions on How to Clean Chicco Next2Me Bassinet mattress using common household items!

Cleaning your Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet mattress


Steps on How to Clean Baby’s Chicco Next To Me Magic Bassinet Mattress

Step 1. Open bassinet by lifting the lower frame-up. The mattress will automatically unfold and lock into place within the base.

Step 2. Make sure you have a finished product! When washing under cold water with mild soap, make sure not to machine or boil clean as this can result in damage to the product.

Step 3. While it’s good for you, harsh chemicals may reduce the life expectancy of your products so just stick to warm water & air dry! Wipe down any spills that occur on top of the pad where required before placing them back inside the bedside caddy. You should have a bassinet once again after following these steps!


How to Disassemble Chicco Next to me Magic Bassinet

Step 1. Take out the mattress pad and liner by unzipping them from both sides. The zip ties attaching these items can be cut with scissors rather than untied if you like, but this may make it more difficult to reassemble later on.

Step 2. The bassinet is disassembled in sections that are pushed together – there are no bolts or screws at all! Next, take off the canopy part of the bassinet by lifting one clip at a time until they’re all undone then fold down over the top of the headboard/canopy area.

Step 3. If your bassinets’ bumper bar seems too long for its space between slats, try folding lengthwise first before undoing the Velcro and pulling it through.

Puffy Lux

Step 4. Take the two side pieces and simply push them together to assemble, don’t forget how many slats are along each side so that you know how far apart to space when attaching! 

The upper part of the crib attaches with a large elastic strap around all four posts which secures tightly but is easy enough for adults to undo if desired. When assembling this section make sure that you attach both sides at once or your bassinet won’t stand up straight.

Step 5. The last step is putting on the wheels (if present), these can be attached by lining up holes in one piece with pegs sticking out from another – they should naturally snap into place like puzzle pieces. After placing feet pads where required you should have a finished bassinet!


How to take the cover off a Maclaren stroller

Open bassinet by lifting the lower frame-up. The mattress will automatically unfold and lock into place within the base.

Remove fabric seat covers from your Triumph Stroller: To remove, use hand or shop vacuum cleaners with a soft brush attachment to gently loosen surface dirt and dust. 

Do not wash in a machine as this could cause damage; simply wipe clean if necessary using warm water & mild detergent (less than 110 degrees). Tumble dry at low heat for 20 minutes then hang to finish drying away from direct sunlight.


How do I clean my Inglesina stroller?  

If the stroller has a fabric seat, you can spot clean it with water. If your stroller is not dirty then just wipe it down using an all-purpose cleaner and dry cloth to keep it looking good.


Steps on How to Fold up Chicco Next to Me Playard Bassinet

Detach the toy bar from its frame by pressing two release buttons located at either end of its front legs. Pull out any mattress pad or sheet that may be inside your bedside caddy before folding flat. 

Fold inwards starting with one corner then repeat for other corners following similar steps as stated above.


How to Wash Chicco NextToMe Bassinet Mattress

Turn it inside out and add a mild detergent in lukewarm water under 40ºC / 104°F is the perfect temperature. Ensure that you add enough quantity of the detergent to ensure a good lather is formed when cleaning your mattress. 

Don’t use any bleach or fabric softener during the washing process, as it may affect how breathable and waterproofing features work in our bassinet mattresses.

 Wash both sides with a gentle cycle using cold water then rinse well before letting it dry out naturally on a flat surface away from direct sunlight for 24 hours at room temperature (60-degree Fahrenheit).


How to Fold up Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet

How should I clean my mattress? Cleanse your baby’s sleep area regularly especially if there are visible soil areas or vomit stains that can attract insects like flies and mosquitoes causing potential harm not only while sleeping but also playing around while awake.


How long can a baby sleep in Chicco next to?

In case you have a newborn, it is recommended to keep them in the bassinet for up to 15 pounds. Once your baby has reached this weight limit and is over that age (normally three months), then they can sleep with you overnight until they reach six months of age or stay in cribs.

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