What Is A Unity Candle

Do you want to make your wedding ceremony even more memorable? Then, include a unity candle lighting ceremony in your plans. But what is a unity candle?

You’ve likely seen what is a unity candle ceremony if you’ve gone to a few weddings. Nowadays, unity candle ceremonies are pretty standard. However, it doesn’t take long and may be included in religious and non-religious rituals, so it’s worth considering.

what is a unity candle

Wedding rituals are more varied than ever. While religious traditions remain popular, new, secular choices are becoming more common. For example, a unity candle is not rooted in any particular faith, although it has grown more popular in modern wedding rituals.


What Is A Unity Candle

A unity candle comprises two tiny tapers and a bigger taper held together. In a Christian wedding ceremony, a unity candle is typically utilized. It represents the union of two identities into a new one produced via matrimony.

If the bride and groom choose to have a unity candle ceremony, it is usually held after the exchange of vows. Most Christian denominations regard the unity candle ritual to be optional. It also does not have to include a religious component.


What Kind of Candle Is Suitable?

For a unity candle ceremony, you can use any type of candle you like. Most are white or ivory, but you don’t have to stick to these colors. Many unity candles are created to complement specific themes or color schemes to avoid being short of alternatives.


What Is the Significance of a Unity Candle at a Wedding?

As we all know, Candles are one of the most attractive decorative decorations in any wedding. They symbolize love and instantly provide a romantic sense to the atmosphere. They also have a traditional and ritual meaning, such as lighting wedding unity candles.


The use of wedding unity candles is arguably the most well-known aspect of the unification ceremonies.  It’s the event’s major attraction, and everyone enjoys witnessing what is a unity candle ritual. Moreover, these wedding unity candles vividly remind them that their wedding takes precedence over personal wants in genuine marriage.


How does the unity candle function?

The bride and groom light the unity candle from two different family candles. It symbolizes the unification of your families and that you and your fiancé are starting a family of your own. Often, their moms light the family candles, and then you two hold your respective family candles to light the unity candle.

However, their fathers can participate, which is an attractive choice. It replicates the commitment you two are making and reminds everyone there of your parents’ dedication. Typically, the unity candle is lit immediately after the exchange of vows.


The Order of Arrangement

The arrangement of these wedding unity candles is made in the same way to convey that feeling into the entire environment. A wedding unity candle is a set of three candles. Comes with one huge taper candle in the center and two thin taper candles on either side. 

The couple vows that by lighting these wedding unity candles.  They will revel in the beauty of the light of their love from this day forward. On their journey together, the light of these wedding unity candles will always burn brightly and steadily.


Selecting the Best Unity Candles!

Unity candles distinguish and elevate the ceremony.  There is a specific design and kind of candle utilized for this purpose. A round or square taper candle is typically used, embellished with different trinkets. 

These wedding unity candles are generally ivory or white. However, fortunately, online stores have an exclusive choice of stunning burning tapers and flameless taper candles. Unity candles represent marriage and devotion since they will require the efforts of these two people to keep them lit.


Here are some suggestions to help you arrange your Unity Candle Ceremony:


Before the ceremony:

The place for the unity candle has been put up. Lighting the candle wicks ahead of time and then blowing them out is a brilliant idea. It’s much simpler to ignite a pre-burned wick.


Tapers are lit as follows:

Lighting the side tapers can be done in a variety of ways. Some couples have them burning before the wedding begins to signify the bride and groom as individuals. You might have each couple’s moms light a candle while special music plays in the background. 


You should light the central candle first:

The couple will proceed to the location where you light the Unity Candle. Then, each will grab a taper and ignite the huge center candle jointly. Some couples opt to blow out their tapers to represent their love for one another and demonstrate their oneness.

Other couples will keep their tapers burning. It represents that even though they are married, they are still individuals. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to keep your tapers burning. 



For decades, the Unity Candle has been a well-known fixture at weddings. This article provides all you need to know about what is a unity candle. So if you want to use a unity candle, go ahead and do it.

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