When To Light A Candle

Burning candles might seem like the most straightforward task, right? I mean, all you have to do is just light it up, and that’s it. Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case; I’ll teach you when to light a candle and all that fun stuff.


when to light a candle

When To Light A Candle


With Chai in the Morning

Consider the following scenario: you get out of bed, take a long yawn, stretch your hands, and are ready to start the day. However, before you do that, take the time to light a scented candle. The scent will permeate your surroundings and now sip your favorite Chai/Coffee.

This scent will help you focus, will give your brain and senses a signal to begin your hustle with a peaceful state. Likewise, the smell of a candle will purify the air while also filling it with positive energy. Make the modest effort of lighting a jar of the scented candle every morning, and you’ll immediately notice a difference in your attitudes.


While You’re Reading Your Favorite Biography or Fiction

Reading is a form of treatment in and of itself. We quickly become engrossed in the characters’ stories and begin to love their journey. In addition, reading a book provides us with an exposure that any other activity cannot match. 

So why not have a calming scent around as we put our minds to this regular practice of reading? Scented candles have one essential quality: they can brighten any situation. So it is because scents communicate to our senses to focus and appreciate, to experience each moment more fully. 

Books and candles are ideal companions since they relieve mental fatigue and complement one another in every manner. So, the next time you go for that book you’ve been longing to read, don’t forget to grab your favorite scented candle jar.


While doing that Last-Minute Project/Assignment

We’ve all felt the urge to focus at times to fulfill a deadline. Keep ourselves from becoming sidetracked and losing focus when working on a critical PowerPoint presentation. Make a simple adjustment here and begin lighting a Candle every time you arrive at your Office Cabin. 

Perhaps give this to a new colleague who is having difficulty adjusting to their new surroundings. Having a candle around during office hours can allow you to take a break, reorganize everything, and give yourself a fresh start. Take a few seconds away from your job and try to focus on the flame of the candle.


Dinner Party Guests

Isn’t it a long day? Dinner is my absolute favorite time of day. After a long, exhausting day and all of our work, we all deserve some delectable foods to help us forget about everything and relax. 

Before devouring your entire meal, take a moment to light your favorite scented candle. Allow it to fill your eating room with this relaxed atmosphere. For this occasion, choose a lighter aroma that will help you sway to the background of Romantic music. 

Perhaps Frech Vanilla? If a candle can help you power up for the early morning rush. It can also let you stop all your thoughts, relax, and forget about everything for a moment.


When you have a strong desire for a baby’s sleep

Okay, we’ve all struggled with this at some point in our lives, right? Cutting ourselves off from all the anxieties and worries and simply switching off our brains and going to sleep. We all want for that baby-like slumber at night. 

A scented candle, which is a natural sedative, maybe the sole solution. The fragrance and light of a candle signal our minds of self-love and well-being, and it aids in the induction of calmness. So take your favorite smell that expresses your personality and light it before going to bed.


Benefits of Lighting a Candle


Aid in the reminiscent remembering of positive memories

There might be a reason why you want to light a specific candle and cuddle on the sofa, right? Especially when you’re feeling down and wish to recollect a happy moment. Certain fragrances may readily stimulate memories and emotions, providing a sensation of happiness if it aligns with a specific point in your life. 

According to Psychology Today, several behavioral studies show that odors are more likely to elicit intense emotional memories. Likewise, it can rapidly raise your mood if you’re feeling sad. So if you’re having a bad day, lighting a candle that reminds you of a happier period might help you feel better.


It can help to improve your mood.

Scents that may help you remember pleasant experiences in your life are more than likely to have the same qualities that can help you improve your mood. For example, according to ELLE Decor, Japanese research on 12 depressed individuals found that the fragrance of lemon helped cut their antidepressant dose. In addition, it increased their immunological function and balance hormone levels. 

So when you’re feeling down and want to raise your mood rapidly, consider using a candle with citrus or rosemary aromas. At the same time, you meditate in the dark to focus on the stimulating scent while trying to clear your thoughts.


Conclusion on When to Light a Candle

Here are different times when to light a candle. In addition, certain people light up candles for a specific event in their lives. May these enlighten you as to why there are particular candles for occasions.

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