What Is A Split Queen Mattress? Everything To Know

If you’re not sure what is a split queen mattress, it’s simply two mattresses side by side to create a queen. It’s understandably a smaller option to the similarly constructed, split king. But why not just get a queen bed to begin with?

Some people would prefer the flexibility of two mattresses. You can read more below, and who knows? A split queen might be the perfect bed for you!

What Is A Split Queen Mattress


What Is A Split Queen Mattress And Is It For You?

If you want or need a bed with a queen’s dimensions, but you can’t commit to this bulk for several reasons, it’s good to consider getting a split queen instead. From the name itself, this mattress is split in the middle because it’s a combination of two mattresses side-by-side to reach a queen bed size.

To be more exact, each bed in a split queen is 80 inches long and 30 inches wide, so the surface becomes 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. Some manufacturers also call a split queen a dual queen bed and consider that there might be some slight deviations to the size. But why would one want a split queen and not get a queen-size bed to begin with? 


You should get a split queen mattress if

Because the split queen is composed of two mattresses, it will be more convenient to move or store. You go through narrow stairways and doors with one at a time as opposed to moving a true queen-size bed. Transferring the split queen from room to room would be simpler and safer, so those who have a habit of moving beds might like this versatility. 

Another reason why you might like a split queen bed is that you can adjust each mattress uniquely. Remember that the dimensions of a queen-size bed make it excellent for couples. However, if each person will have their own mattress, he/she can adjust it according to his/her preference. 

You don’t need to worry about your partner losing his/her ideal support and comfort when you raise or lower your side. Some issues like motion transfer when the other gets in and out of bed will also be non-existent because only your side gets affected. And of course, if you’re heavier and need to use a very firm bed, your partner doesn’t have to sacrifice his/her preference which might be a softer mattress. 


What Is The Difference Between A Queen And A Queen Split Mattress?

As discussed, a queen split or split queen or dual queen differs from an actual queen bed because it uses two mattresses to have a queen’s exact dimensions. Those who use adjustable beds also typically use a queen split mattress over a queen because it allows customized sides for shared sleepers. However, an advantage of a queen bed over a split queen is that the division in the middle of the latter can feel noticeable, especially if you’re not sharing the mattress. 

Can you use any fitted queen sheet on a split queen bed? Because a split queen measures 60 by 80 inches as well, it might work. However, the depth might vary, and you have to consider the material of the specific model you’re using. 

It’s safer to get a split queen sheet specifically for your split queen mattress to ensure a good fit. Remember that you’ll probably adjust the bed, and you need a sheet with deeper pockets to accommodate what you’ll do. You can also get the sheet recommended by the brand for their mattress. 


Is A Split Queen The Same As Two Twins?

Since a split queen bed uses two mattresses, are these mattresses twin beds? Can you just use two twin mattresses to create a split queen? The answer is no because one twin mattress is 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. 

If you combine two twin mattresses side by side, it will be significantly wider than a queen-size bed. And more so, a queen mattress is longer than a twin. Therefore, you can’t use a queen sheet on two twin beds or use two twin mattresses to create a split queen. 


How Does A Split Mattress Work?

A split mattress uses two mattresses side by side to achieve the exact dimensions as your standard bed sizes. This is why it has a split in the middle, and you can adjust each side individually and use it on an adjustable base. The most common types of split mattresses are split king, split California king, and split queen.  

You’ve already read the benefits of using this split design, especially for those who share a bed. However, a split mattress might not be the right choice if you like to use the middle because you can feel the gap. More so, you have to get the specific bedding set for your mattress to ensure that everything will fit well. 



You are probably familiar with a split king bed, but there are other sizes for a split mattress. Do you know what is a split queen mattress? From the name itself, it’s composed of two mattresses side by side, forming the dimensions of a traditional queen bed. 

It might be a good choice for you if you sleep with a partner because each mattress is adjustable. You can also move the bed much more manageable in tight spaces since you’re not handling the whole bulk of a queen.