What Is A Split King Mattress. Best Complete Guide

If you’re curious about what is a split king mattress, it’s merely two twin XL mattresses side by side. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different types and sizes of mattresses to help you find the right one. Who knows?

Perhaps the best mattress for you is a split king! Compared to a king mattress, a split king mattress uses two separate mattresses, hence the name. Find out more about this mattress below.  

what is a split king mattress


What Is A Split King Mattress And Is It The Same Size With A King Mattress?

A split king mattress is somewhat a misnomer to those unfamiliar with it. You might think that it’s a king mattress that is split in half, correct? However, the more accurate description of a split king mattress is that it’s a product of two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. 

Since you’ll be using two twin XL mattresses measuring 80 inches long and 38 inches wide, the resulting split king mattress will have the same dimensions as a king mattress. While manufacturers may differ in their king mattress sizing, the typical one should measure 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. Therefore, the resulting split king mattress makes an excellent consideration for couples that want to sleep in the same bed but still have their mattress individually.


Is A Split King The Same As Two Twins?


Twin vs twin XL mattress

Before you make your own split king mattress, the emphasis is necessary that you’ll need two twin XL mattresses and not just two twin mattresses. Twin XL mattresses are longer than twin mattresses since the latter only measures 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. Twin XL mattresses are as long as queen mattresses, making them more suitable for tall people. 


King vs split king mattress

A king mattress and a split king mattress will have the same dimensions. Both sizes offer a large space, so even two people can use them comfortably. However, some would prefer the convenience of a split king mattress in terms of moving and adjustment. 

Since a split king mattress uses two mattresses, you can move each individually if you decide to reposition your bed. If you’re a couple, you can personalize your side as well and select the firmness that’s more comfortable for you. You can even take advantage of an adjustable bed frame and adjust your half separately without disturbing your partner.


What Kind Of Sheets Do You Put On A Split King Bed?

Are there drawbacks to using a split king mattress? The most obvious potential issue with this mattress is the split in the middle. It may feel awkward if you roll towards this gap during sleep. Furthermore, you will need two fitted sheets for twin XL mattresses and a king-size cover for this mattress type. 


Advantages Of Split King Mattresses


Easy to move

You should opt for a split king mattress if you intend to move a lot. You can comfortably transfer a split king mattress from one place to another for the drawback of having a split in the middle. Having two sections is also more convenient to move through tight corners, stairs, and doorways than a king-sized bed. 


Personal space

Sleeping beside our partners offers many health benefits, but let’s be honest; sometimes it’s nice to have our own side as well. You can still be beside your spouse without sacrificing your personal space by using a split king mattress. Because you can customize the bed frame and the mattress itself, it’ll be more suitable for your preferences and sleeping rituals. 

Neither you nor your partner will also have to sacrifice your own comfort and preferences, which is a win-win. Perhaps one of you is a stomach sleeper and needs a firmer bed or the other likes staying up for a while to read a book. One can adjust the base upward, and the other can still sleep comfortably in the flat base. 


Uninterrupted sleep

Because you have your own side, you’re also less likely to get interrupted during sleep. For one, there will be no motion transfer even if one of you toss and turn a lot throughout the night. You should also feel less guilty if you get in and out of bed to pee or drink water because your partner won’t feel the motion and pressure change. 

If one of you snores or even experience breathing discomfort, you can take advantage of the adjustable base and have them sleep at an angle. Both of you will feel more relaxed and stress-free without sacrificing personal sleeping preferences. 



There are different mattresses in the market that you might not be familiar with yet. For example, do you know what is a split king mattress? This mattress is so-called because it’s a king mattress’s size but split in the middle. 

A split king mattress uses two twin XL mattresses side by side. The resulting dimension is the same as a king mattress. However, you’ll have the benefit of personal adjustments when sleeping with a partner since you have your own mattress. 

With the slight drawback of the section in the middle, a split king mattress allows partners to sleep side by side without sacrificing personal space. You’ll also have an easier time moving and relocating the split king mattress because you can transport the beds individually.