What Is A Pop Up Wedding? Is It For You?

The answer to what is a pop up wedding is at the name itself, it’s meant to pop up. So the venue pops up, which makes the wedding spontaneous, and the team can break down the place just as quickly. 

We will also compare a pop up wedding to a micro wedding and elopement as they are often thought to be similar. Are you planning to have a small wedding as well?

what is a pop up wedding

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What Does A Pop Up Wedding Mean?

A pop up wedding is so-called because it pops up in a temporary space. The ceremony is quick, and you only have a few guests, which makes this wedding possible to “pop up.”

If you and your significant other love spontaneity and want an easy-going wedding, then a pop up wedding is for you rather than a traditional wedding. You can even select your favorite public space to create a sense of adventure, with random bystanders and unplanned happenings as your backdrop. 


Pop up wedding vs traditional wedding

A traditional or event wedding is not as spontaneous as a pop-up wedding. All the guests are planned, and the venue is exclusive to your wedding, unlike in a pop wedding where the ceremony can have unexpected guests and happenings. 


How do you throw a pop up wedding?

A pop up wedding is less stressful to plan than an event wedding. Of course, you don’t need months of planning, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going blind. 

You will still need to find a wedding planner, ideally someone specializing in this type of wedding. You can discuss with them your location, perhaps a sentimental site for you and your partner to arrange all the necessary permits for a pop wedding if there are any. 

You may also need some decors to dress up the location, plan where the guests will sit or stand, a guest list, and other documents to ensure that your marriage will be legal. A pop up wedding can last an hour and a half, so it still needs some planning. 


Where can I have a pop up wedding?

You have an array of locations to choose from for your pop up wedding since the ceremony will only be done for a short time. It’s famous for couples to choose a public place that’s special to them, but you must ensure that it’s not prohibited to hold an event in that place. 

While some bystanders might cheer you on, you still don’t want to be obstructive to their daily duties. On the other hand, you shouldn’t also be too distracting, especially if it’s a crowded place like a park.  


How much is a pop up wedding?

Many factors affect the overall cost of a pop up wedding. For example, the time of the year, guest count, venue, and other inclusions in the package require you to prepare anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000. 


How Do Pop Up Weddings Work?

You only need to arrive at most pop-up weddings as there is not much planning involved. The vendors will be responsible for everything involved, or your wedding coordinator will do all the preparations for you. 

However, you still need to do all the necessary paperwork, such as applying for a marriage license, similar to other weddings. Ensure that your officiant is also prepared to ensure that your marriage will be legal. 


Is A Pop Up Wedding For You?

A pop up wedding is ideal for spontaneous couples or simply don’t want to spend many months planning for their wedding. You might also be planning to invite a few people only, and you don’t think you need an event wedding. 

Another reason why you might like a pop up wedding is if you’re on a budget. The ceremony will not last for many hours, and you’re not renting an event specific to the ceremony. 


What Do You Do After A Pop Up Wedding?

There are no rules on what you must do after a pop up wedding. Some couples opt to have a reception after, but you can also hold a dinner or tour the area with the guests. 

Since you still did a small wedding, you don’t need to break the bank on what to do after the ceremony. Pop up weddings usually have a maximum of 15 people, so why not take them to your favorite restaurant or have a picnic?

Here is what to do instead of a wedding reception for more alternatives.


What Is Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is so-called because it’s an intimate wedding. The guest list only consists of your closest family and friends, but you’ll still have a venue specific for the wedding, unlike in a pop up wedding. 


What Is Elopement?

An elopement is a legal marriage as long as you follow the rules and regulations specific to your state. But unlike a pop up wedding, nobody knows about your plan of getting married. 



And that’s it! We just learned what is a pop up wedding, which is a small wedding that’s held in a space that’s not rented specifically for the wedding. 

The ceremony is short, making this wedding perfect for spontaneous couples on a budget. We hope this helps you decide if a pop wedding is for you; leave us a question if you have any.  

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