What Is A Parson Chair: Everything You Need To Know

Are you struggling in finding the perfect dining chair? Do you know what is a Parson Chair? Read through and get to know one of the best dining chairs you can have.

Choosing the perfect chair that matches your dining area is a challenge. It is not easy to find dining chairs that are stylish and comfy. To narrow down your choices, a Parsons chair is here to give you that sleek, cozy, and chic sitting and dining experience!


History Of The Parson Chair

Parson chair has it all! It’s classic yet modern at the same time. Are you wondering where it got its name and how it is made?

The Parson or Parsons chair  is named after the school of the students who designed it — the Parsons School of Design in Paris, France. They designed it way back in the 1930s and was very well accepted by furniture makers who soon began copying it.

This dining chair was built with comfort and not as a fashion statement. Parson chair is one of the firsts to introduce a cushioned seat. It created a new look to dining chairs, which are traditionally full of carvings and ornaments.

At first, Parson chairs come together in a set with a Parson table. However, the chairs were set apart from others being designers’ favorites. Due to its simple design, the Parson chair has been used to simplify extravagant room decorations, remaining a favorite piece in the 21st century.


What Is A Parson Chair?

This is a classic and comfortable chair usually associated with elegant dining rooms and fine dining. It is cushioned, high-backed, and usually armless. Its light and airy feature contradicts the heavy and ornamented dining chairs that we usually have.

Its overall simplicity and clean lines gives off a classic modern appeal, making it the perfect pair to various table styles. This dining chair can go effortlessly pleasing with any traditional, modern or industrial tables — undoubtedly making it a nice furniture piece!

Although originally armless, modern Parson chairs with arms have been widely available. The elegant and simple design has been kept but added to blend in with different styles. Some of them even feature unique wood finishes, smooth or skirted seats, and button-tufted backs.

The innovations to the original design make the Parsons chair unendingly relative and a classic favorite of homeowners. It is definitely good to get your hands on four or more pieces to add that sleek touch to your dining room.


What’s Good With Parson Chairs?

Parson chairs have proven their quality through the years. They are so good that they make homeowners want to get their hands on them. Now, let us break down into details the features that make Parson chairs good.

  1. Simple yet elegant look
  2. Clear and clean lines
  3. Tall and padded straight back
  4. Tapered or slightly curved leg
  5. Cushioned and upholstered seat
  6. Lightweight and easy to move around the space
  7. Unapologetically armless
  8. Versatile (can look good in both casual and formal settings)


Why Choose Parson Chairs?

If you are looking for a dining chair that will strike balance and harmony in your dining room, the Parson chair is one of the best choices you can have. Sure, traditional wood dining chairs are good, but here are some features that make Parson chairs a lot better.



Unlike the usual traditional wooden chairs, Parson chairs have padded seats and back supports which make them more comfortable.


Varies in patterns and fabric colors

Since Parson chairs are upholstered with a wide variety of choices, you can easily choose among which that matches the theme of your space.


Easily blend in

If you are the type of person who prefers using extravagant decorations, the simple yet elegant design of Parson chairs is the perfect choice for you. They can strike a balance to the overall appeal of the room.


Easy to move

Contrary to the old dining chairs made of hardwood, Parson chairs are relatively lightweight, making them more convenient to transport and move around the space.


How To Take Care Of Parson Chairs

The dining room is one of the areas that gets easily dirty because this is where you eat — not to mention when you have kids running around the house. This is why you have to keep your dining chairs protected and covered.

As for Parson chairs, slipcovers of different styles are available in the market. These are usually machine washable for easy care and maintenance. Chair covers will help your precious Parson chairs last longer.



Being a homeowner is fun until you have to make decisions on the right pieces of furniture to fit your house perfectly. It is very important to have the right choices since everything will affect the whole vibe of your home.

Now that you have learned what is a Parson chair, it is certain that your house will have that gorgeous dining room that you have always been dreaming of. Go and be the designer of your own home!

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