How To Build A Hammock Chair Stand: Easy 3-Step Guide

If you are currently wondering how to build a hammock chair stand, worry no more! This article will guide you to 3 easy steps on how you can make the best spot for your hammock chair.

Hammock chairs are usually the best for relaxation. They are perfect for resting, chilling out, and even for sleeping! If you wish to know more about hanging chairs and how to create a stand for them, continue reading this.

how to build a hammock chair stand


Materials You Need

Building your hammock chair stand is quite easy, especially when you have enough materials and tools. To start the process, prepare the following:

  • Seven pieces of 2×4 wood (8 ft. each)
  • Eyebolts
  • Nyloc nuts
  • Washers
  • Screws
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Speed square
  • Circular saw (or hand saw, however, it will take too much time with this)
  • Wood clamp
  • Spade bit


How Do You Build A Hammock Chair Stand?


Step #1. Cut your materials

Once you have gathered your materials, start marking your woods with the correct measurements. You can consider the following measures for each of your 2×4 lumber.

  • First and second wood – Cut them with 30° angles on both sides for the base of your hammock chair stand. Ensure that the angles are mirroring each other.
  • Third and fourth wood – These are for the arms. Cut them in half, then cut both parts with 30° angles on both sides, mirroring each other. You should be able to produce four pieces of wood here.
  • Fifth wood – This will be the support piece that will keep the arms from falling. Cut the fifth wood in half and cut both pieces with 60° angles.
  • Sixth wood – First, cut the wood in half with a 30° angle. Get one of the cut woods and cut it again in half. On the second part of the wood that you cut first, cut it into three.
  • Seventh wood – This last piece of wood is for the feet. You can merely cut it in half.

Cutting your wood would be easier if you will use a circular saw. Ensure that the measurements are correct. You can use a speed square for this.


Step #2. Assemble the parts

Assembling the parts is easy. You only need to get your drill, drill bits, and washers to do this. Match the angles for the base and the arms, and put them together. You can use a wood clamp to hold the wood.

Ensure that you are drilling through the pieces of wood. You can use a spade bit to make the proper hole for your washer. Once done, place your bits into the hole to keep the parts together.

Continue matching the angles and drilling them properly. Attach the feet and put some braces on the stand to make your frame stronger. It would be better if you drill as many bits as possible to hold the parts sturdier.

Lastly, drill on the top of the sides for your eye bolts. Get your eye bolts and secure them into place.


Step #3. Hang your hammock

Finally, you can now hang your hammock chair! However, it would be best to stretch your hammock chair first before drilling the last piece of wood in the middle of the sides. Otherwise, you will not be able to adjust the eyebolts’ distance because you will need to remove the drill bits again.

Once you have done everything, you can now sit comfortably!


Are Hammock Chairs Good For You?

A hammock chair is the best thing that you can have. Sitting on it can correct your posture and reduce back and neck pains. Moreover, hammock chairs are also perfect for stress relief because your muscles tend to relax whenever you sit on them.

Hammock chairs are usually comfortable, which can be a place for you to focus on whatever you are doing. You can read a book on it, meditate, or sleep freely. Its comfy feature lets you rest comfortably.


Are Hammock Stands Safe?

Hanging your hammock chair in a stand is the safest way to place your hammock chair. However, it would be best to be precautious of various dangers that may come your way while you are on your hammock chair.

Ensure that you have assembled the parts correctly. Otherwise, the stand may fall apart that may lead you to fall from it

Never place a hammock chair near any damp places to avoid getting into the water if ever you drop from the chair. Hammock chairs that are near pools or directly above any deep water can also cause drowning

Do not leave a child in the hammock chair unattended. They might fall from it. It would be best to put a soft mattress or folded blankets under the hammock chair to ensure their safety



You are now so close to having the best spot for relaxation in your home! Since you have already read this article on how to build a hammock chair stand, you can finally start working on yours.

You only need to cut your materials properly and put them together. Once you have followed the instructions, you are good to go. Enjoy!

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