How To Make Office Chair Lean Back More In 4 Easy Steps!

Are you feeling uncomfortable working while sitting on your office chair? Well, here’s how to make office chair lean back more to help your struggle go away.

Sitting in an office chair that is incorrectly adjusted for several hours can make you feel more tired and sore after a day of work. Office chairs should be comfortable so you can do your job properly and avoid discomfort and injuries. It is such a hassle to adjust yourself just because you can’t make the chair do it on its own, right?


Adjusting Tilt Of Office Chairs

The right amount of tilt will give you the right amount of comfort. It is important to have your chair tilt adjusted as it will minimize pressure on your back and your lower back.

Step #1. Sit on your office chair with your feet touching the floor. Also, have your back against the backrest while ensuring that there is at least 2 inches distance between your knees and the seat.

Step #2. Now, look for the adjustment knob, usually found beneath the seat pan (it’s the one you sit on). Push it down to tilt the seat pan forward then release the knob.

Tilting forward will help blood flow to your lower body. This is especially helpful when working intently on something.

Step #3. Push the adjustment knob once again to have the seat pan tilt the seat back and release. This will place the chair in a slightly reclining position while keeping your feet on the floor. The position will transfer some of your body weight to the backrest to help you relax.

Step #4. You can adjust more until you feel the most comfortable. Lean the chair back as much as you want until you have reached your desired position.


Other office chair adjustments


Seat height

When raising the seat height, you just pull up the lever labeled with height and release weight off the chair. The seat will rise automatically. Release the lever to lock the position.

For lowering the seat height, pull up the same level. This time, rest your weight on the seat. Release the lever once you are satisfied with the height.


Back height

To heighten the backrest simply grab it on both sides, on top, or bottom, then lift carefully. You will hear a distinctive clicking sound every 2 inches as it rises.

To lower the backrest, lift it to the highest position then allow it to fall to its lowest position. Adjust until the desired height is reached.



To adjust the height of the armrest, squeeze the trigger on its front and move up or down. Release the trigger to lock.

When adjusting the distance between the armrests, have the knobs located in the arm bracket loosen. Move until desired spacing is reached, then tighten back the knobs.



If your office chair comes with a headrest, it is best to adjust it so utmost comfort is achieved. To raise, simply grasp on the headrest and lift. You will hear a unique clicking sound indicating that the position has been locked.

To lower the headrest, raise it first to its maximum height and allow it to fall to the lowest. Push downwards and wait for the clicking sound.


How to eye a good office chair

Step #1. Choose a chair that fits you. Generally, chairs are made to fit about 90 percent of people so those at the end of the spectrum might have trouble finding one for their body size. In case, normal chairs don’t fit you, get a fully adjustable chair so you can sit with comfort.

Step #2. Since office chairs are designed to be used when working, it is best to have ones that are easy to control even when sitting. You wouldn’t want to be hassled with complicated adjusting procedures while working on an important project, right?

Step #3. It is important to have space for your knees and comfort to the back of your thighs when sitting. This is why you should have an office chair which has a seat that curves towards the floor on the front.

Step #4. You don’t want to get sticky while working, right? This is the reason why choosing an office chair made with breathable fabric is important. The material must also not be slippery unless you want to keep falling off your chair.

Step #5. Most importantly, get your hands on office chairs that are worth their price. Remember that you have to make use of the money you spend. A bad office chair is money wasted.



Working while sitting on an improperly adjusted office chair for several hours does not just bring discomfort but also back pain and other problems. Just like how you adjust your car seat, doing it with your working chair is just as important.

A comfortable worker is undoubtedly the most productive one. Sure, it is not easy to find the most ergonomic working chairs. However, learning how to make office chair lean back more together with the other adjustments will not consume a lot of your time.

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