What Is A Drop In Baby Shower: What To Expect

The answer to what is a drop in baby shower is at the name itself. It’s a baby shower where friends and family can drop in to send their best wishes and gifts to the baby’s mom. You’ll know below where it’s held, how it’s planned, and the etiquette for the people attending the party. 

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what is a drop in baby shower


What Is A Drop In Baby Shower: How To Plan One

The drop in baby shower is also called an open house baby shower. This type of party has guests arrive at specific timeslots, which is ideal for managing the schedule, especially if you have many guests. 

Because the people can talk with the mom in their own time durations, the drop in baby shower guarantees that everyone can send their best wishes and gifts as personal as possible to the baby’s mother. Drop in baby showers can also be co-ed so guests can visit the baby’s parents. 

Compared to a baby shower which is essentially a party with activities, a drop in baby shower has a structure, so it’s essential to know the etiquette when you arrive at the event. It can last two to five hours, so planning is also crucial to ensure things go smoothly.  


What is the difference between a drop in baby shower and a traditional baby shower?

The idea of drop in baby showers is to ensure that each guest can have one-on-one time with the baby’s mom or parents if it’s co-ed. In a traditional baby shower, guests have no specific timeslot, so that some people can have a longer or shorter mingling with the mother-to-be. 

However, the host can also plan a drop in baby shower where they group the guests into friends and family, so it still feels like a party. You can have six people at a time and group everyone who knows each other. 

Perhaps the first hour is for the mom-to-bes parents and in-laws, while the next hour is for her friends from college. You can also combine the drop in shower with a drive by shower, except there’s a portion where guests can hop out of their car for a quick 10 to 15 minutes with the parents-to-be. 


Where do drop in baby showers typically take place?

Drop in or open house baby showers happen at the parents-to-be’s home. But of course, it can be at any party venue chosen by the host, wherever it will be convenient for guests to visit and have an intimate time with the baby’s mom and dad. 


What are the benefits of a drop in baby shower?

  • Allows intimate time between family and friends
  • Give guests their own time to talk with the baby’s parents, ideal, especially for long-distance guests who rarely see the mom and dad-to-be 
  • You can save on hosting the baby shower as it can be a shorter party with fewer activities and games
  • The baby’s parents can plan the schedule of the day rather than committing to a long baby shower with continuous events


What are the drawbacks of a drop in baby shower?

  • Some people prefer a gathering with all the guests
  • It might feel awkward that your time with the mom-to-be is being monitored
  • Some guests might overextend their time


What is the best time to have a drop in baby shower?

You can have the drop in baby shower at the same time as a traditional baby shower around lunchtime. But of course, you can choose a convenient time for the guests and the baby’s parents. 

Some parents might prefer to have the celebration early in the morning, or some guests might only be able to attend the open house shower after lunch.  


Drop in baby shower invitation sample wording

If you’re planning an open house baby shower, here’s your sample invitation outline:


Honoring [baby’s mom or parents]

Since we have to keep the party small, 

Stop by

[date and time for the baby shower and specific guest]

At [chosen venue]


How to plan a drop in baby shower

  1. Plan the date and venue
  2. Confirm the guest list with the baby’s parents
  3. Assign the timeslots for each guest
  4. Arrange the spots in the venue for the gifts, guests’ favors, food, and drinks
  5. Book the vendors for the cake, food, drinks, and decors if needed
  6. Plan the games and prizes; you can refer to what kind of prizes for baby shower games


How Do You Drop At A Baby Shower?

Remember this etiquette for guests in drop in baby showers: 

  • Remember your time and duration of stay
  • Arrive on time at the party
  • Be sensitive with your stay so that the next guests can arrive on time as well 
  • Find the table for your baby shower gifts
  • Say goodbye to the parents-to-be before leaving 


Do You Open Gifts At A Drop In Baby Shower?

Opening gifts after receiving them from specific guests is practiced at drop in baby showers. The mom and dad-to-be have one-on-one time with the particular guests, and they’ll surely love to see your reaction upon opening the gift they’ll hand to you. 

Please remember to be appreciative and show your gratitude when opening gifts. 



Was this discussion helpful? We’ve just learned what is a drop in baby shower, which is an open house party where guests arrive at specific timeslots. 

This way, everyone can spend time with the parents or mom-to-be of the baby rather than quick interactions that may feel rushed at a typical baby shower. You can have it at the baby’s parents home at a time that would be convenient for everyone. 

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