Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding

The answer to the guest question of can you wear white shoes to a wedding is yes. However, you must know the considerations when wearing white shoes to the wedding to ensure that you remain appropriate and respectful. 

We will also discuss different types of white shoes and if they’d suit the wedding as a guest. And for those who prefer flats over heels, you can read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding

can you wear white shoes to a wedding


When Can You Wear White Shoes To A Wedding?

Wearing white has always been discouraged in wedding etiquette because it would appear that you’re trying to upstage the bride, as such color was traditionally reserved to her. However, accessories like white shoes and a bit of white on the overall guest outfit should be okay. 

You can wear white shoes to a wedding as long as your overall look is not bridal, and the white shoes would remain practical in the venue. Read the three considerations below to put you at ease if you decide to wear white shoes to a wedding. 


Keep your outfit color in mind

Traditional weddings often have the bride in white, so the outfit you’ll wear with the white shoes must not be white or look the same as white. You risk looking like you’re wearing an all-white ensemble, which could raise some eyebrows at the wedding. 

If you’re wearing white shoes, opt for darker colors for your dress, top, or pants. A stylish tip is to wear a light-colored top, dark-colored bottom, and white shoes for a flattering look. 

If you’re wearing a dress, avoiding bridal features like a poofy skirt, tulle layers, white fabrics, stones, or embroidery that look like a wedding dress from afar is essential. In addition, selecting other colors related to the wedding theme should be easy since white is a monochromatic color that can match different tones. 


Consider the wedding venue

If you want to wear white shoes to the wedding, remember that it’s a color that would quickly get dirty. That being said, outdoor and destination weddings might be challenging for white shoes. 

If you love your particular pair of white shoes and it’s made of materials that are hard to clean or easily scruff, consider other colors for the outdoor wedding venue. Otherwise, indoor venues and formal weddings mean you can wear white shoes without worrying about getting them dirty. 

For farm, rustic, park, hiking, or any weddings where you’ll walk over challenging terrain and experience the outdoors, it would be better to opt for dark-colored shoes. The last thing you want is not to enjoy the wedding because you’re constantly checking and cleaning your white shoes. 


Consult the couple’s closest friends or relatives

The last consideration for guests wearing white shoes to the wedding is the type of wedding. More so, understand the cultural background and beliefs of the couple to remain respectful with your wedding attire. 

White shoes can mean other things at some weddings, and the color white might not even be associated with peace or weddings. For example, wearing anything white can be interpreted as disrespect since the color symbolizes grief in some cultures. 

When in doubt, you can always ask someone from the wedding party. You can even ask the couple to feel more assured with whatever you wear.  

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Is It Okay To Wear White Boots To A Wedding?

You can wear white if most of your outfit does not look bridal, or better yet, in other colors and not white. And if you’ll be wearing white boots, it should be okay, but remember that light colors for boots will make them stand out. 

Some styles of boots may not suit formal weddings, and it’s better to wear dressy, closed-toe shoes, heels, or flats. Otherwise, themed weddings like Western or Cowboy usually have guests wearing boots. 


Can You Wear White Shoes As A Bridesmaid?

You can wear white shoes to the wedding as a bridesmaid if there is no planned color scheme for the bridal party. Remember that for most weddings, the bridesmaids are uniform, not just in the color of their dresses but also in their accessories like shoes and jewelry. 

You don’t want to stand out at the front or in wedding photos if you’re the only one wearing white shoes. But, of course, you can always ask the bride if she has a color she wants for her bridal party. 


Are You Allowed To Wear White Heels To A Wedding?

You can wear white heels to a wedding if your attire does not look bridal. And if you opt for heels, it’s better to avoid those that look similar to what you can imagine a bride would wear. 

Classic white bridal shoes typically have embellishments similar to what you’ll see on a wedding dress. They can have stones, silver accents, a bow, or other details seen on the bridal gown. 



And that’s it! You just learned the answer to can you wear white shoes to a wedding, which will depend on your outfit, wedding venue, and couple’s cultural background. 

You can wear white shoes as a wedding guest as long as you don’t look bridal, and the color would not be challenging with the weather and elements at the venue. It’s also best to avoid wearing anything white if such a color symbolizes other meanings in the couple’s culture. 

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