Baby Shower Gift For Mom Who Has Everything

Here are seven great ideas for baby shower gift for mom who has everything. These unique and thoughtful baby shower gifts are also practical for parents-to-be, so they’re perfect even for moms and dads who already have everything. 

You’ll also know the etiquette of monetary gifts given at the baby shower. But if you want your gift to the mom to be the party itself, read who throws the baby shower

baby shower gift for mom who has everything


7 Unique Ideas: Baby Shower Gift For Mom Who Has Everything


  • Acts of service

One of the best gift ideas to give to the mom and/or dad who has everything would be acts of love. Consider unique certificates you’ve made yourself with tasks and services you can offer them before or after they go home with their child. 

For example, you can write a “service card” that indicates you can watch their newborn for them, do a grocery run, help with the household chores, or watch their older child. The ideas for this list are long, especially if you’re close to the mom-to-be, as you know what she’ll appreciate. 


  • Spa certificate

Another fantastic gift for the mom who has everything is something she can use to relax and pamper herself. Think of spa certificates or book her a facial at your favorite place. 

You can also consider a massage package for two, a fantastic gift for co-ed baby showers where both parents are honored. Another idea would be a gift of self-care items and essentials like scrubs, bath bombs, and oils for the mom’s relaxation while waiting for her baby. 


  • Restaurant gift card

Your baby shower gift could be a gastronomic experience for moms or parents-to-be who love food. They’ll likely own kitchen essentials and dinnerware items so the best baby shower gift would be a restaurant gift card. 

Consider something they can use for meal delivery as parents taking care of babies might not have the time to leave their homes, especially during the baby’s first few days.  You can also check if there are options for meal preparation or any gesture that food-loving moms will appreciate. 


  • Photoshoot package

One of the memorable baby shower gifts you can give the mom who has everything is a photoshoot package. You can schedule a maternity photoshoot with her partner or have the photoshoot after their newborn arrives. 

There are many fun family portrait ideas to try with a baby, and she can use some of the baby shower gifts she received as props. You can also ask the baby shower host if you can book a photographer to take photos at the party. 


  • Cleaning service

With all the duties of a newborn, especially if the parents also have another child, you can gift them a clean house. You can hire a cleaning service or visit their home to do the cleaning essentials yourself. 

Alternatively, you can get them cleaning items and gadgets to make everything easier. Thanks to the advancement of technology, many clever gadgets would be convenient for a newborn’s parents.


  • Book subscription

Is the baby’s mom a book lover? Why not get her a book subscription?

You can also opt for a reading library subscription box with items that a child or baby will enjoy. Most parents love books to bond with their babies, so even though they seem to have everything, they will surely love reading gifts. 


  • Favorite beverage

Besides a spa package or restaurant gift card, a baby shower gift that would be relaxing for parents would be their favorite drinks. Consider giving the mom her favorite wine bottle, tea, or coffee. 

After pregnancy, she might be looking forward to trying these drinks again. You can select a kit with your favorite bottle and mixes for something more personal. 


Is It Okay To Give Money As A Baby Shower Gift?

Giving a monetary gift at the baby shower is acceptable, especially if you can’t decide or there is no baby registry to choose items from for your baby shower gift. Your financial capacity and closeness to the parents-to-be will dictate the amount you’ll give them, but a range between $50 to $200 is usually practiced. 

And for those who prepared a baby registry for the shower, please know the etiquette on how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation


What Do You Get A New Mom For Themselves?

Here are some baby shower gifts for moms who just gave birth to their babies: 

  • Errand runs
  • Acts of service
  • Spa day
  • Comfortable loungewear like robes and pajamas
  • Shopping gift card
  • Salon treat
  • Recipe books
  • Parenting books
  • Food delivery
  • Newborn photoshoot with mom
  • Postpartum self-care kit
  • Personalized jewelry


What Is A Push Out Gift?

A push-out gift or push present is given to the baby’s mom to celebrate and honor her for giving birth to their child. Her family or partner gives it, and here is a list of ideas if you don’t know what items and essentials new moms would love: 

  • Customized jewelry for the baby and her
  • Photo journal
  • Diaper bag
  • Matching onesies and mommy shirt
  • Nursing pajamas
  • Nursing essentials
  • Comfortable beddings
  • Sleep assistant
  • Spa certificates
  • Custom artwork



Was this list helpful? You just learned baby shower gift for mom who has everything, which can be: acts of service, spa certificates, restaurant gift cards, photoshoot packages, cleaning services, book subscriptions, or her favorite drinks. 

Ultimately, you know her best, so consider anything personal and thoughtful she can use while expecting or after her baby arrives. 

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