What Is A Drive By Baby Shower: Etiquette To Remember

The answer to what is a drive by baby shower is at the name itself. It’s a baby shower where guests “drive by” the baby’s mom’s house as a way to celebrate without being physically close to each other. We’ll discuss the history of this interesting baby shower below.

You will also know the pros of a drive by baby shower, including the etiquette for everyone attending it. And for the host, learn the best way to throw this type of baby shower in how to plan a drive by baby shower

what is a drive by baby shower


What Is A Drive By Baby Shower: Pros And Cons

A drive by baby shower refers to a party where the family and friends of the mom-to-be drive by her home in their cars. It’s a way to celebrate the baby shower while still practicing distancing from each other. 

Everyone can bring gifts and send their good wishes to the mom-to-be, as with a typical baby shower. There are also many things you can do to modify and make drive by baby showers more memorable. 

For example, you can provide food items, games or incorporate virtual activities besides the drive by the baby mama’s house. You can even take photos of the unique event with guests in their cars. 


How did the drive by baby shower start?

As seen in Connecticut Children’s post back in 2020, they recommended having a drive by baby shower as a way to celebrate a socially distant baby shower during COVID-19 safely. Family and friends can decorate their cars and write thoughtful signs they can show when they drive by the mom-to-be’s house. 

Drive by baby showers can be thrown like a parade, but if you prefer the option where you can interact more personally with each guest, each car can have 15 minutes for distant one-on-one time. They can drop their gifts or send their best wishes. 


What are the benefits of a drive by baby shower?

  • Family and friends can show their love and support to the baby’s parents safely, especially with health concerns 
  • It’s cheaper to host a drive by baby shower 
  • Parents who prefer short socializations can still enjoy with their guests without committing to several hours of partying
  • The baby shower host won’t need a venue, which cuts the costs from the party budget
  • Drive by baby showers also give people who don’t have a long time away from commitments to greet and give their gifts to the mom-to-be personally


How can I make sure my drive by baby shower is safe?

  • Make sure to communicate with the guests that everyone should be distancing 
  • Remind friends and family to stay inside their cards
  • Designate a drop-off point for the baby shower gifts
  • Have the mom or parents-to-be sitting or standing a good distance away from the cars when they drive by
  • If there will be some one-on-one time, remember to wear masks
  • Disinfect your hands when handling gifts and foods
  • Provide food options that won’t get spoil quickly 


What are some ideas for thank you cards for a drive by baby shower?

  • Mail the baby shower thank you cards with handwritten notes for each guest
  • Include the thank you cards in the drive by baby shower favors
  • Send thank you cards digitally
  • Take photos of each car and include them in the thank you cards


Where do drive by baby showers typically take place?

Drive by baby showers are held at the house of baby’s mama and papa. However, like a traditional baby shower, it should be hosted by someone else.

Whoever will throw the drive by baby shower will coordinate with the baby’s parents for the schedule and setup of the party. They’ll also communicate with the guests and how they’ll celebrate the drive by shower. 

And before hosting the party, don’t forget to prepare gifts for everyone who attended. Here’s how to make a baby shower favor


How To Send Drive By Baby Shower Invitations

You’ll send baby shower invitations the same way you’ll do the invites for any other party. It can be two weeks before the baby shower, and make sure to indicate the unique set-up. 

Explain to the guests how distancing works and where they’ll put their gifts. You can also request people to make signs for the mom or create a schedule for one-on-one of each car. 


How Long Should A Drive Thru Baby Shower Last?

Expect that a drive by baby shower will only last for an hour, maybe even shorter. Some drive by showers even works like parades, which means there are no dedicated times to spend with each car.

However, the host can also blend a virtual party and a drive by baby shower. You can do the games, and gift opening over Zoom, then have the drive by baby shower to greet guests and receive gifts. 


What Do You Bring To A Drive By Baby Shower?

Guests will bring gifts to a drive by baby shower. The host usually arranged a table near the curb for guests to drop their gifts off quickly.

You can also bring signs saying “Congratulations” to the mom and her baby. 



Was this explanation easy to understand? To recap what is a drive by baby shower, it’s a party where baby shower guests ride their cars and drive by the baby’s mom’s house to greet her and drop gifts.

It was practiced for distancing during the pandemic but can still be thrown for health and time-conscious people. 

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