How To Share Wedding Photos With Guests

There are three best ways on how to share wedding photos with guests. You can send the wedding photos to the guests via mail, share the pictures on social media, or use photo sharing apps. 

We have also included the etiquette of sharing wedding photos on social media in more detail below. And if you’re the photographer for the wedding, you might like to read about how to edit wedding photos

how to share wedding photos with guests


3 Best Ways On How To Share Wedding Photos With Guests


Send the wedding photos to the guests via mail 

One of the best ways to share wedding photos with the guests is by mailing the pictures to them. You can go the old-fashioned route and mail the prints with your thank you cards.

The photographer will take some time to give you your wedding photos, so you should have the thank you cards ready when you get the pictures for sharing. If you’re mailing the pictures, you can select a few pieces for every guest. 

Alternatively, with long-distance guests, or if you want to share plenty of photos, you can email the pictures instead. This will also save on postage costs, and it’s easy to send the pictures on a large scale via email


Share photos on social media

Nowadays, it’s the era of social media, which is why it’s also the most common method of photo sharing after a wedding. Some people even feel better seeing their wedding pictures get commented on and liked by a wider audience. 

You can tag friends and family on the photos or create dedicated albums and posts to commemorate the wedding. You can even create a group to gather all the guests in one place if they want to share photos. 

You can send photos without hassle on social media since even older guests use apps nowadays. But of course, I know the etiquette of social media sharing wedding pictures. 


Invite guests in photo sharing apps

The final way of sharing photos with your wedding guests is by using photo sharing apps. Compared to posting directly on social media, it’s easier to organize wedding pictures in photo sharing apps. 

Usually, these apps allow the couple and other wedding guests to upload their wedding pictures. But, of course, you can always include a note about your chosen photo sharing app on your wedding website or wedding favors to encourage guests to share their photos. 


How Do I Share My Wedding Photos On Google?

Did you know that you can use Google for sharing photos? You can use Google Photos to share or collect wedding guests’ photos. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Install Google Photos
  2. Create an album of your wedding pictures
  3. Collect the Google accounts of your guests and share the link to your wedding photos
  4. Adjust the settings of the shared wedding album so any guest can contribute 
  5. You can also share to apps and phone contacts 


Is The Guest Photo Sharing App Free?

A free app by The Knot that you can use for photo sharing a wedding photo or more with guests is The Guest Photo Sharing. It’s available on the App Store and perfect for sharing photos from the wedding without you needing to spend. 

To use this app, you will create the event, invite the guests, and let The Guest do the rest. The app will share all the photos and videos taken in real-time to the event by your guests’ iPhone cameras. 

You don’t need separate camera apps, and the guests themselves can pause auto-sharing or delete some pictures whenever they want. And to collect the pictures, anyone in the event can download them in full resolution. 


How Do I Get Pictures From Guests?


Use hashtags

One of the most common ways to share wedding photos if you attended the wedding is by using their hashtag. This will also allow the couple to find all the posts and photos of their guests from the wedding. 

You can let the guests know the hashtag by using it on your wedding stationery and when you post on social media. 


Use a shared file

Another option to collect the wedding pictures taken by the guests is having them send the photos on a hosting service or cloud. For example, you can make a shared folder on Google or use Dropbox. 

Let your guests know where to share photos, and you can even share the pictures with other people. 


Should I Share Wedding Photos?

Sharing wedding photos is common nowadays because it’s a way to celebrate your big day and reach more people. Those who attended might also want to relive the moments. 

However, ensure that you have permission from the photographer and know the etiquette of sharing wedding photos. For example, it’s better to let your closest people know of the wedding before posting on social media if it’s an elopement.

It might also seem tacky if you share every little detail of your big day. Remember that it’s always better to leave some things personal. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to share wedding photos with guests, consider mailing, using social media, or using a photo sharing app. 

And if you’re anxious about looking good in the wedding photo, you may want to read how to pose for wedding pictures. Regardless, don’t be afraid to share candid moments and pictures because it’s always flattering just to be genuine 

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