How To Plan A Drive By Baby Shower In 5 Steps

Do you know that it only takes five steps to learn how to plan a drive by baby shower? In this guide, you’ll learn everything from invitations to decorations on creating the best drive by baby shower.

You’ll also know the considerations and budget to expect for this baby shower. And for the baby’s mom, you can still dress up and spend one-on-one time with guests in their cars.

how to plan a drive by baby shower

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Complete Checklist On How To Plan A Drive By Baby Shower


Step 1. Send out the baby shower invitations

  • Like with any other party, send the invitations to the baby shower guests between two to three weeks before the event
  • Explain all the information in the invitation, especially the distance and how guests should arrive in their cars to greet and send their gifts by the baby mama’s house
  • Since the drive-by baby shower is more casual, online invitations are totally fine 
  • If your drive by baby shower includes some time with each guest, then check with the RSVPs so you can plan the schedule, as this type of party is only expected to be an hour maximum only


Step 2. Plan the shower activities 

  • Discuss with the baby’s parents the duration and schedule they want for the drive by baby shower
  • Some baby showers have guests in cars to line like a parade, while others want to dedicate several minutes with each car to mingle with friends and family while still distancing
  • You can also blend virtual activities like gift opening and games besides the quick drive by 
  • Include baby shower ideas like games or send activities in advance that guests can bring at the baby shower; for example, you can send craft kits for signs that the mom-to-be can read at a distance 
  • Encourage guests to make noise or add fun decorations to their cars, like streamers, balloons, or confetti poppers, during the drive by


Step 3. Decorate the yard

  • Prepare the yard set-up for the drive by of cars
  • Consider the distance of the baby’s parents from the guests when they drive by
  • Designate a spot near the curb for the table where guests can put on their gifts
  • You should also add a table where the guests can take their baby shower favors 
  • If you have the virtual baby shower gift opening and games after the drive by party, put a table with the activity kits that the friends and family of the parents-to-be can take home
  • Add balloons, streamers, signs, and other elements to the yard to make it feel and look like a baby shower more 


Step 4. Set out the favors for the baby shower guests

  • Your baby shower guests will appreciate receiving gifts from the drive by baby shower, so prepare favor bags by the yard as well
  • You can provide guests with DIY favors like homemade treats or crafts
  • Make sure that you’re neatly packing the gifts, especially edible ones, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination
  • Add a sign so the cars know to reach out and get their favors


Step 5. Schedule a gift opening virtually

  • It wouldn’t be a baby shower party without gift opening, but because of the distancing priorities with a drive by baby shower, schedule this activity virtually
  • You can dedicate time to a Zoom party, so guests can watch the mom-to-be enjoy seeing the gifts for the first time


What Are The Benefits Of A Drive By Baby Shower?

If you’re considering a drive by baby shower, there are many advantages to this party at a distance:

  • The guests and parents-to-be can safely interact and mingle without worrying about health risks, especially if some people are immunocompromised
  • It’s cheaper to throw a drive by baby shower because there are fewer activities and food, and there’s no need to book a venue
  • You don’t need to spend for sit-down meals and buffet 
  • Introverted parents don’t have to commit to a full-time party
  • Guests with a limited schedule can still attend the baby shower


What Are Some Things To Consider When Planning A Drive By Baby Shower?

Here are some considerations when throwing a drive by baby shower:

  • Some parents-to-be might prefer to have an in-person celebration
  • Some guests might choose an actual party
  • Setting a gift table for such a short baby shower might be misinterpreted by some people
  • The neighborhood where the baby’s parents live might not be conducive for a drive by baby shower; e.g., it might be a busy street, or the homeowners might prohibit such activities
  • Have the baby shower during a time that won’t bother other pedestrians or homeowners

It would also help for you to read what is a drive by baby shower to know what else to expect. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Drive By Baby Shower?

It’s possible to host a drive by baby shower without going over $100 to $200 because there is no venue fee and multiple activities. But of course, the decors, favors, and foods will influence your total expenses.



Was this planning guide easy? We’ve just discussed how to plan a drive by baby shower, starting with the invites, activity schedules, decorations, favors, and virtual gift opening. 

The party itself is quick and budget-friendly, but if you’re hosting, remember to run by the parents-to-be for their input. 

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