What Is A Direct Drive Washer? 6 Surprising Advantages!

Are you planning to buy a washer over the weekend, so, you have to know what is a direct drive washer? At the same time, you want to know what are the disadvantages and advantages of this motor? What is the capability of this machine?

The thing is that in all appliances, there are pros and cons. And we cannot deny that there isn’t a perfect machine. The other may have its advantages, yet it carries benefits too.

what is a direct drive washer

So, preferably, buying or purchasing a washer should not rely on the washer’s capacity and motor but also the possible usage that it will face. In this article, you’ll understand the difference between the direct drive and the others. Why does it cost more than the other washers, and how will you know your washer is a direct drive?


What A Direct Drive Washer Is?

So, what is a direct drive washer? Washers have two different motor kinds, namely, the direct drive washer and the belt drive motor. The main difference between these two in the motor is that the belt drive consists of a belt. While the movement starts from the engine, propels the belt, goes to the power, and runs down in pulley, then the washer. Meanwhile, the direct drive washer has no belt and has a simple setup. It is also called an inverter motor. The flow in this motor, consisting of the rotor and stator, is connected directly to the washer.

Because of the motor systems, it has lesser noise, moving parts, and vibration. As we commonly know, parts of the machine easily fall off or are damaged due to the impact of the severe vibrations, which makes the parts inside crumble. But does vibration alone makes a belt motor the least? So, before I jump to the direct drive, I have listed down the six advantages you can count on the direct drive washer and their reasons.


Advantages Of A Direct Drive Washer

As week seek to improve things, there are several advantages that we can achieve from the previous machines or appliances. Of course, it means there is no perfect machine, and maybe- in the future, there will be. But, as of now, let us learn the advantages of the direct-drive washer from the belt drive. 


#1. Lesser noise

As I have mentioned above, the motor is attached directly to the washer as it has a cleaner and simpler setup than the other one. As the engine is connected directly to the washer, the parts don’t move within the cycle. On the other hand,  in the belt-drive, it is noisier or creates noises. It is because of the parts at the back that moves whenever the washer spins. You may want to read about LG washer making loud noise when spinning.


#2. Well washed

The direct drive has higher revolutions per minute (rpm) than the belt drive. As a result, it results in a better performance in washing clothes and having more spinning rounds. 


#3. Energy saver

Compared to the belt drive, using the direct-drive saves you energy or electricity, as it doesn’t need to go through various parts before going through the washer. So, typically, you can save money by saving energy. Know the power consumption of washing machine


 #4. Long term

The machine’s life span always depends on how the owner uses the device, but if the engine is stronger than the others, it may last longer than the expected years. Some people say that the direct drive lasts longer. As for the belt drive, the belt is usually wet through the cycle, which makes it prone to breaking or tearing.


#5. Lesser maintenance

The setup of the parts plays a significant role in the maintenance—less maintenance, less presumable cost.


Disadvantages Of A Direct Drive Washer

But even with its tremendous advantages, you should still look out for its disadvantages. Here are the three known weaknesses of the direct drive washer.


#1. Bearing load

The motor connects to the washer. The bearing supports the weight of these two. In most cases, the first thing to break apart is due to mass. 


#2. At risk motor

Because of the connection of the motor from the washer, it makes the motor vulnerable. The washer consists of water that may damage the engine all at once. Even a tiny leakage could bring your motor down.


#3. Delicate electronics

Most of the parts are modern and have a higher cost. The maintenance can take off to the chart for at least a few years, but that doesn’t mean you’ll not going to buy some of its replacement parts. Aside from this factor, the pieces are not primarily available at electronic stores, which will make it hard to replace them quickly. You might need to purchase several parts overseas, which will cost you a higher shipping fee and take a lot of time.


#4. Less skilled technicians

As this model of washers is not yet known, it won’t be easy to find a  skilled technician right away to check your direct drive washer. In addition, the check-up and repair of your device may cost higher than the belt drive washers. Also, read about how to repair GE washer


It’s A Wrap!

Find a washer that is compatible with you and meets your needs but also reconsiders the advantages and disadvantages between the direct drive washer and belt drive washer. It will give you a hint on what to buy or the things you must avoid while having them. My friends, I hope you are enlightened about what is a direct drive washer. 

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